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The New Thing! PB & B Sandwich


Peanut Butter and Blueberry Sandwich:

Take one slice of bread, spread pb, add handful of blueberries, fold over. It's the shit.

I'm just now discovering....omfg.


No, you have it all wrong.

Peanut butter and (real) honey.


I'll give it a try sometime, though.


I dip my peanut butter + fruit/jelly on wheat sandwiches in whipped cream.

Try it once and you will be addicted. I apologize in advance for any diet-ruining this causes...


Peanut Butter, Marshmellow Fluff, diced banana, and drizzle with honey.. on Whole Wheat... :smiley:



Bet you can't wait to eat that again Stu! I just like my PB with Honey and Banana on Ezekiel Bread.


Whole wheat tortilla, smeared with PB, drizzled with honey, then lay a whole banana in it and roll it up. Banana burrito. Its awesome


guys chill out...WW tortilla, banana, honey, blueberries whip cream. Marshmellow fluff acceptable if diet allows cheat or your bulkin up and can get away with it. Best of each world of thought Bada Bing Bada Boom


peanut butter + bacon sandwich


Peanut butter + jam + bacon sandwich

both are amazing.



oh snap! i gotta try all of these now....

whats the deal with ezekiel bread btw?


peanut butter and egg.


And in triple decker format.

My gosh.....drools

This is correct as well.


At first I would think no,.. but Bacon does seem to make everything better -lol.



On rye bread. Sounds weird, but good.

A lady I worked for in high school made spiced blueberry jam every summer. Those were the best PBJ sandwiches I've ever tasted.


Basically imagine a non spicy Bacon Satay.. in bread


Beat this. Peanut butter, tuna and scrambled egg sandwich. Thick as hell!


ahhhh tuna?! ewwwwww lol.

You guys have some wierd stuff lol.

One time though I was at the beach and we had to ration our bread so I made a sandwich PB+Turkey+mustard. It was actually really really good.


I absolutely can't believe no one's mentioned...peanut butter and pepperoni! Slice up a stick of pepperoni, salami or summer sausage and dip it in the jar. No bread required.


Bacon Wrap with pb, banana, fluff, blueberries, sausage, tuna, scrambled eggs, and strawberries.

it may not taste very good but there has to be a health benefit to eating it.


For the last few weeks of my contest prep, when I really cut the carbs down, but still need to keep the cals up a bit to maintain some lbm, Iplan on spreading PB on my chicken breasts.



That actually tastes really good. I also like to spread pb and crushed red chili pepper on burgers before grilling them.