The New Surge Workout Fuel Is Here

Quite literally. My duo just arrived.

I’ve been using Plazma since it came out, so I’m looking forward to trying Surge Workout Fuel. I had also been using the previous version of Surge Workout Fuel for hockey and biking.

Tomorrow will be the first lifting session with Surge Workout Fuel, so I’ll report back then. I’ll keep this updated with how my training goes, and how things on the ice and trails compare, as well.

Has anyone been able to get a few workouts under their belts with Surge Workout Fuel?

Also, and most importantly, which flavor is first?!


If you’re interested in free Surge Workout Fuel and free coaching from Ellington Darden, you need to go HERE.

Today was supposed to be my first weight session with Surge Workout Fuel, but a combination of the forecasted rain holding off, my schedule, and childcare availability, I went for a ride.

First, after years of using the unflavored powders, it was nice to get a whiff of the Lemon Drop when I opened the bag.

Everything mixed up very nicely. I used one scoop in my 22oz bottle (more on this later).

I drank roughly 1/3 of that 15-20 minutes before embarking on my ride. And holy crap. The flavor. My goodness Lemon Drop is delicious (the main reason for the above “more on this later”). Biotest has never disappointed in the flavor department, but this home run had some extra distance on it.

I specifically chose a very familiar 20-mile gravel ride to compare to previous Surge Workout Fuel and Plazma-fueled rides.

The first 10 miles were amazing. I was riding high. I wasn’t expecting this. It’s been a bit since I’ve been able to go for this type of ride, so I was hopeful that Surge Workout Fuel would make a bad situation tolerable. Instead, it turned it into a helluva lot of fun.

I had no leg discomfort, weakness, or cramping. As the ride continued, I sipped another 1/3 of my drink, and my legs were feeling the pump. Even though this wasn’t the goal here, it was there. And noticeable. Hell, I even had a decent forearm pump going on.

Things really got interesting after the halfway turnaround point (finished my drink here). I was still feeling it. Both physically and mentally. I was flying. I was singing. I was hoping over all of the fallen branches. I was riding like a happy kid.

I was carrying more speed than ever through some of the rougher sections over the last five miles that had been a grind at times before. This was a very noticeable performance increase compared to other rides with similar doses of the previous Surge Workout Fuel and Plazma.

I’m very thrilled to keep using Surge Workout Fuel on rides, and to see how things go with lifting and hockey.

As for dosage going forward, Tim mentioned I might want to dilute Surge Workout Fuel down for rides, especially if I had any stomach issues. I haven’t had previous issues tolerating workout drinks during rides, and this was no different - nice and light. However, the flavor is so damn good that I might have to dilute it over my two bottles just to make sure I don’t chug it.

To sum things up: :+1:


The first weight session with Surge Workout Fuel is in the books.

Originally, I had been planning to start a new program, but in the name of consistency and comparison, I’m sticking with my go-to program: CT’s Layer System.

Today was overhead press day (I don’t have an incline bench at home, plus I just love overhead pressing).

First things first, I added five pounds to my 3RM*, so that was a nice way to start. If you know the program, you know this increased my working weights for the rest of the session.

*From CT’s old forum posts on layers, I’ve found a 3RM max works best for me instead of the 2RM in the article.

I noticed the pump setting in during the cluster sets, which was a fun surprise. The pump became very obvious during the following slow eccentric sets. And during the constant tension sets? Hot damn.

I pride myself in keeping a fast pace during my lifting, but it seemed possibly faster today. If not actually faster, it was easier to maintain and feel ready for the next set than usual. Could some of that have possibly been from my excitement? Sure. I’ll keep an eye on this in particular over the next several workouts.

I’m very impressed and pleased with how today went, especially considering I only used one scoop of Surge Workout Fuel, whereas I was typically using two scoops of Plazma for the same workout.

I’ll likely finish out the week at one scoop per workout, and then possibly bump it to two next week (or the week after if things with one scoop are still going strong).

The thing that is sticking with me today is the thrill and possibility of having one product that I can rely on for multiple different activities.


A little bit about me:

I’m 37, 6’2", and as of yesterday, 222lbs. My current goal is to drop a bit of fat, getting back to around 205. However, going forward with Surge Workout Fuel, I’ll be less concerned with actual scale weight.

I mostly train these days for health and longevity, along with improving my on-ice performance and supplementing my mountain biking. That is to say, I’m not going to wow anyone with my gym numbers.

I’ve been a member here since, oh, 2002/2003 (I had the physical Testosterone magazines!). I’ve tried many T Nation programs and equally as many Biotest products over the years. I used to be more active, but shied away when my training goals moved away from being mostly physique oriented (not that that is a legitimate reason). I’ve always been more interested in the supplements and nutrition side of things, usually just following whatever training program fits my goal and schedule. I’ve felt like I’ve had less to offer the forums as they became more focused on training theory (again, not that that is a bad thing!). That has just led to lots of reading over the years.

Anyway, I’m truly looking forward to being more active in this community again. Feel free to ask any questions or heckle me along the way.


I like the experiment!
I’ve got a Meadows program I haven’t been able to survive to date; I crash around week 4 but hang on until week 6. I intend to see if I can get through it with the new Surge Workout Fuel. That seems like a foolproof test for me.

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Heck yeah! That sounds like the ultimate test. Godspeed, and I will most definitely be following along.

And thank you!

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Samesies and thanks!

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Were you able to complete the ride in less time than you’d previously done it?

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In all likelihood, yes. I don’t really track these rides, as they are more about just getting out and riding.

With that said, in the past, I’d say it would take around an hour and a half? This ride was closer to an hour and fifteen minutes.

I hope that doesn’t sound like a cop-out, as I’m aware that people like hard data, especially regarding things like this.

I can certainly do a better job tracking performance going forward (I don’t have a bike computer); I just won’t have anything solid from before to compare it too.

I get the not tracking thing – my wife doesn’t track any of her runs. I’m the opposite and track everything. If you have a phone though, you have a bike computer. :slight_smile: But as you note if you didn’t track before, then there’s nothing to really compare it to.

This is a great test that I fully support. Let me know if I can help. I worked with John a lot and know his experience. He had a hard time making it through some of his programs and we made some tweaks that made a significant difference.


Thanks @Tim_Patterson! Honestly, let me know how I can help. I feel like you’ve place a lot of trust in me, and I want to be as useful to the group as possible. I intend to compare my experience with and without Surge Workout Fuel (Flameout and I-Well, too) as tightly as I can. I have a pretty good history of my weight and labs, so I’ll be able to give objective feedback. I tend to put this in my log, but am happy to create its own post if it’s better.

In terms of recovery, I think I dig a hole a few ways:

  1. I lift first thing in the morning, so I don’t always time my carbs around this as well as I should. When I’ve used Surge Workout Fuel (old formula) in the past, I do think it’s helped a lot here.
  2. Cardio is a double-edged sword for me, where I do too much or too little (none). I’ve got to get ahead of this one, but I have a decent base right now.
  3. I travel for work, and I’m not always as disciplined as I should be when eating on the road. This is something I can just own because it’s on me.
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Surge do seems interesting! I regularly use a close to similar pump PWO, along with cyclic dextrin and peptopro. I can verify this works excellent.

That being said, Surge is unique with it’s addition of leucine and malic acid. How much added benefits do these ingredients provide?

Btw, I have added glycerine/glycerol to “my” PWO, which binds water and gives a significant, prolonged pump effect. Any specific reason Biotest chose not to include this basic ingredient?

I would have loved to join the Surge Challenge, but I have a greater priority in the near future (kid number 3 due to arrive) which means I cannot make promises on following an exact training schedule. Is there a possibility buying the program separately? Having followed Dr Darden closely for the past 3 years, this program is a must have.



@SBT I’m going to stop clogging up your log with my gibberish after this - sorry for it so far!

I am starting my Surge Workout Fuel experiment in my own log, if anyone is interested. I’m on the opposite side of HIT right now, so it may be useful to see how things play across the spectrum.

Anyway, back to @SBT being a stud athlete and sorry for the hijack.

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Thanks for your post, @pettersson!

It’s my understanding that the inclusion of L-Leucine is the key to stimulating protein synthesis. I definitely notice an improvement in my endurance and readiness for the next set/climb/defensive breakdown (ha) with Surge Workout Fuel compared to other workout products, and I think that’s in large part thanks to the citrulline malate and malic acid combo.

That’s a great question regarding glycerine. I wonder if it has ever been considered for inclusion in Surge Workout Fuel (or any product). I’m going to have to guess that the minds at work found the specific combo of carbs, electrolytes, and other goodies provides the best overall experience. I’ve never known Biotest to not include something that works, but at the same time, they have never taken a kitchen sink approach. In the end, that’s a lot of words to just say I trust their homework. Haha

Also, congrats! May everything go well, and enjoy your growing family!

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Psshhh. Whatever. Not even a thing. Everyone’s welcome here.

But I’ll definitely be following along in your log.

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You need L-Leucine to stimulate optimal protein synthesis. The beta-alanine, citrulline malate, betaine anhydrous, malic acid, and tuned electrolytes all play vital roles and are necessary to support advanced training.

I’m not fond of sugar alcohols in workout formulas. There are much better compounds to volumize muscle.


I know I can be long-winded, so just a quick update this time:

I’ve gotten two more lifting sessions in with Surge Workout Fuel, and both felt really solid with a quick pace and a strong pump. I’m finishing this week out on one scoop.

I’m considering starting 6 Weeks to Superhero next week.

Getting a little antsy, though, because I won’t be back on the ice until the 21st…

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Surge is on my wish list, but why choose Surge instead of Plazma?

Is leucine better, or just more cost effective, than the Plazma equivalent of hydrolyzed casein? Is there any scientific advantages in favor of leucine?

Is there any practical differences between Surge and Plazma - is Surge better than Plazma on all accounts? Is there any situation where Plazma takes the lead?

Or - is Surge to replace Plazma?

Not trying to be a wiseguy here, just seriously curious.

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