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The New Scientific Method


The new scientific method is:

  1. Choose an assertion that supports a liberal cause.

  2. Publish carefully tailored data that supports the assertion.

  3. Full court publicity press that results in Congressional hearings.

  4. Savage reputations of unbelievers.

  5. Get rich off grants, lectures, books and investments in rent-seeking enterprises.

When the theory's disproven, return to #1.

*Edit This is a joke no one get butthurt over it.


It wouldn't be funny if it weren't partially true though.


Almost sounds like Faux News , except switch Liberal with so called Conservative and disregard 5


Don't forget refuse to listen to any facts that might prove contrary to your point. I actually work with a guy that put his fingers in his ears and pretended he couldn't hear when another co-worker pointed out tax revenues went up while tax rates went down in the Reagan Era.


Good post. I don't have anything to add.


Has anyone here ever produced scientific work, applied for a grant, submitted a paper to a peer-reviewed journal? Have you ever read a paper, met a scientist, or even been to university? Or is this all based on the rubbish you've been told by the media? I don't suppose I have to point out that there are few journalists capable of understanding the studies they report on, most don't even attempt to accurately represent the findings, and many distort them deliberately.


Yes (to all the above things). There are some serious problems ALWAYS when politics dips into science. I agree that there are few journalists "capable" of reporting on scientific findings, because they are in reality salesmen and not the objective/unbiased bunch they say they are (sorry for the generalization).


Like jakerz, yes to all. And I am one of the harshest critics of science and 'experts' BECAUSE I HAVE DONE ALL OF THESE THINGS.


Yes, I have. Like he said, it's a joke. Don't get butthurt over it.

I can attest that anyone seeking grant money has to play a certain kind of university politics. There are certain studies that will always get preferential treatment over others -- even in physics where there is supposed to be no political bias.

But everyone knows any study coming out of a university social science department is going to be a "liberal" cause. Don't even kid yourself about that fact.


X 3, like others, yes to all. In fact I received my bachelors in pre-veterinary science and I'm currently attending school. Details I have yet to mention, paid my entire route thus far by myself AND I have a severe TBI as a result of a crash 5 years ago. Picture to prove it, on the lefty < < < <

And you RG? Do you have a degree to stand behind?


I didn't know B.S. students were now writing research proposals for grants and receiving authorship credits in journals. Care to list your publications?


Replace "liberal" with "conservative" and "rent-seeking enterprises" with churches, and you have a good working definition of religion :wink:


Rent seeking happens everywhere where government butts its nose where it does not belong.


they may not be writing research proposals but they get authorship credits on journals all the time with their phD mentors


...what, ever heard of interns? You think most PhD's are writing research proposals themselves and running the test themselves? No, they come up with ideas and have their interns/students do the hard work and slap their name on there as support or co-authors if they helped come up with the idea.

I, as well as five other students I work with have been in several journals because of our efforts on research papers. As well, we get paid to write the research proposals for the entire department...because we work in the research proposal office.


2 is half right. That is all.


Just curious, what field are you in? I'm not necessarily doubting you or anyone else who says they received authorship credits as an undergrad because I realize that it might different for each field. Are these research proposals for grants? Or are they just for IRB approval? I'm just thrown off by the people acting like it's not a big deal for an undergrad to publish in a scientific journal. I'm a PhD student myself in cognitive engineering and live with other PhD students in both chemistry and physics. None of us were even close to having a legit publication until the end of our second year in grad school. First author credits are a pipe dream until the 3rd or 4th year. That's pretty par for the course in the hard sciences from what I've seen.

My dissertation research is funded by NASA right now, and I know my advisor would have to have A LOT of faith in anyone other than a senior PhD candidate to write a proposal for something like that. I just don't see a professor trusting some undergrad working in a research proposal office to write a grant proposal that could be the deciding factor in whether or not he gets tenure. For departmental or IRB approval, sure. Not for anything involving money though.




It is a big deal, most of the people in the department are PhD students and Grad students, but they still hire interns that show "aptitude."

Not talking about being the primary author.

Not saying my situation is the rule, I always figured it was the exception. Like I said we're interns. We're not first authors, however we do help with IRB and help with proposals where needed. And, we get credit in the journals, but definitely not as a first authors.


""1. Choose an assertion that supports a liberal cause.

  1. Publish carefully tailored data that supports the assertion.

  2. Full court publicity press that results in Congressional hearings.

  3. Savage reputations of unbelievers.

  4. Get rich off grants, lectures, books and investments in rent-seeking enterprises.

When the theory's disproven, return to #1.

*Edit This is a joke no one get butthurt over it. ""

i can give an example of this being involved in the academic field.

Person X wants a grant to report findings on the sleeping habbits of possums in autumn.
person x cant get the grant
Person X reapplies, this time report is titled "possum sleeping habbits in autumm, and observations relating to global warming changes in seasonality"

Person X gets the grant.

*note real name and species withheld