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The New Rules of Lifting

Hey everyone,

I was recently at borders and spotted this book by AC. At 25.95, I was wondering if it’s worth the money.

I had put it on hold and plan to purchase it tomorrow, after getting input from the T-Men of this site. It would be appreciated. Thanks.

-The Truth

It looks good

I bought the book a week ago or so and it’s great. That is unless you’ve been doing things like body part splits and leg presses. Then some parts might make you grumpy…lol
Anyways, for anyone else who has this book or for Alwyn himself,I’m a bit confused on the workouts.

All of the sets and reps have a workout number attached to them, however there are 2 workouts with each focus. Ex: Hypertorphy I/A and Hypertophy I/B.

So…Lemme get this straight, if I’m doing this correctly it would go like this…

Week 1:
Monday-Workout A:With Sets and Reps of Workouts 1.

Wed-Workout B:With Sets and Reps of Workouts 1.

Friday-Workout A:With Sets and Reps of Workout 2…

And so on…
Is that how you’re supposed to do the training?


If I just read Alwyn’s Holliday program correctly, thats how you’re supposed to set up the workouts.