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The New Rules of Lifting Experience

After a year or more of lurking on here, I think this is my first post…

And a year or so contemplating the book
“The New Rules of Lifting” by Lou Schuler and Alwyn Cosgrove, I’ve actually gotten around to trying out Alywn’s programmes. I’ve just finished the break-in workout, and am about to move onto hypertrophy I. I know it’s old news now, but I’d recommend the book.

Observations and questions:

  1. It’s ages since I’ve done 15-rep sets. That was a good discipline: but those 60 second rests are a killer! If you’ve stopped working up a decent sweat in a work-out, I recommend trying this.

  2. The programmes call for a lot of supersets. Even if I go to the gym at quieter times, it’s hard to commandeer two pieces of equipment, especially for those long sequences of short sets (5x5 for example). How much benefit do I loose if I don’t superset the exercises?

  3. Are there any T-men out there who happen to be at the same point in the book, and would like to be a virtual training partner? Please PM me if so.