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The New Program, and the Attack of the Squats!


Today I have practice three times today! I just got done with my first practice and it went very good. Coach has us doing doubles in the morning. Not only doubles but doubles at each weight like two or three times before going up to the next weight! Not only that but on the second snatch we go from the hang, bringing the bar below our knee, pausing for two seconds then hang full snatch. We do this all the way up to max, and max is the most we can do that practice. I try to run away from this sport but they catch me and lock me back in the gym! lol I don't even see day light, someone help me! We do the same thing with the clean and jerk. I really like this new program that coach has us on, allot more practice with the snatch and clean and jerk.

I can't miss these days, I am getting very good at the lifts this way, and it raises my confidence as well. We are starting to train like the Chinese now! I never thought that would happen. Coach also has us doing back extensions, and more reps in the squat. Coach has us doing 4 sets of 8 maximum in the squat right now, and it's a killer! I am so use to doing only singles, that it's hard for my body to rep out that much volume. This will get me strong for my one rep max and my snatch clean and jerk though. I was able to back squat 195kg for 4 sets of 8 last week, and it almost killed me! Next week coach Pendlay is going to slap on 200kg and put me to work on that painful adventure in the world of 4 sets of 8, I will make it because I am going to approach that damn bar like Mike Tyson ready to knock a dude out.

Once well rested my legs will be stronger than ever! I am snatching 150 plus Kilos almost every day and clean and jerking 180 plus every day so it's working. Coach Pendlay is right again, damn! Well that's it, just letting everyone know what we are doing different, maybe you can try this. TRAIN HARD EVERYDAY, light weight. 2012 London


Awesome post Jon. Nice to see Glenn is changing it up a bit, it really seems like he knows what he is doing for each lifter and isn’t blindly following one methodology. Just a Q, do you guys ever do snatch or clean pulls?


damn that’s heavy work…


no pulls, never.


Pulls don’t count for anything…

Interesting your doing some volume now on your squats. I definitely think it’ll add to your 1RM, your lifting capacity, but not that your probably lacking due to the frequency of your lifting. But most of all it’s a different stimulous to what your use to doing.

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