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The New Omen!

hey fellas, i went to go see the new omen last night and i loved it. theres a scene where the priest tries goin into the church and the pole goes through his chest and has glass shards in his face… does anyone know where i could find a picture of that part? i been lookin all over and cant find one, its fuckin wicked. that and i want a picture of that demon thats in the red robe.

I’ve heard good reviews about that movie. Unfortunately, I won’t go to see it, I don’t do scary movies. But did you try going to the website for the movie? You could save some movie photos from that site.

I’m goign to see it tonight.
I’m lookign forward to lots of blood.\m/

I saw it last night. It wasn’t great, but wasn’t too bad. I wished they did more ‘dream sequence’ scenes. They were ridiiiiiiiculous and would have made the movie a lot scarier. I fucking hate dogs too.

oh yeah, the part with the dogs scared the ever livin shit out me, i accidentally kicked the guy in front of me in the back of the head