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The New 'No Food Diet'


Warning: stupid shit! if u have time to burn..

fucking dumb but kinda funny


What. The Fuck


Hahhah.. Brilliant.

"Hidden calories, like the pencil you mindlessly chew on."

Where the heck did they dug the skeletor though, maybe it's just CGI, I can't tell.


"I went home, I saw the pillow, and I just had to have it."



Yeah; I hope that in real life she's just suffered from a debilitating illness which has caused her to lose so much weight, and that soon she'll put it back on.



Was that a joke???????????


'Did you know: That rubber is more fattening than plastic'
lmao, she really looks like she's struggled with weight loss haha.


I guess you've never heard of The Onion??


I never had, and after seeing this, I never plan on it again. This has FAIL written all over it. I have come to the conclusion that people have a disciplinary problem more than a knowledge (or lack of) problem. People know what they should and shouldn't eat.

I love how one of the show's hosts tells Skeletor how she looks good.


I have three copies of "Don't eat Your Desk" on me right now. I hand them out as Christmas gifts.

I know I had no idea there were that many calories in pencils. That shit is SHOCKING.

I got a paper cut once but completely forgot that this also counts as eating the paper which caused me to gain 5lbs of blubber!

Do not miss out on this book. It saved my life!!!



Have you seen Tanya?

It is our responsibility to find these missing children!


the onion is great. lol


The Onion is a satirical site that is well-known for its parody and mockery of . . . well, everything.

That means this was scripted as a joke.

edit: . . . . can't believe I had to type that.


"A Bowl of Thumbtacks will keep you feeling full all the way to the hospital."


That's why we have an entire country that believes everything they hear on the evening news. People don't immediately question what they see or hear anymore unless you run in with a huge multicolored sign telling them it's a joke. Otherwise, they will believe it's real.


Back to the main topic, Mike Tyson has apparently been eating too many pencils as well.


Val Kilmer.



and some rubber, jeez some people cant controll themselves


I just farted out 126 calories


You farted out a tennis ball?