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The New NHL


well, what do you hockey fans think of the new season so far? I think its going great, scoring appears to be way up. The game is actually a lot better to watch due to the new rule changes.

Sidney Crosby was apparently not all talk, he has 6 points in 4 games so far.

OLN, Outdoor Life Network, is now my new favorite channel.

I guess I just don't understand why more people aren't as interested in hockey than there are. Its such a great sport, combining so many different aspects of athleticism. Also, what other sport can you get in a fight and be playing again in 5 minutes? Its like lacrosse, football, and boxing all rolled into one.


I can never keep track of the puck.


If you watch the games in HD, it's actually A LOT easier to follow the puck. My biggest problem is that, living in CT, we no longer have a team. Damn you, Hurricanes. On principle alone, I cannot root for the Bruins or Rangers. Leaves me hanging a bit...


What is it about being an American and not being able to follow the puck? Maybe Fox or whoever should bring back the puck that had the streak of light behind it for you guys.


yah--that helped alot


What's so hard to find? It's the little black spot that 10 guys chase around the screen. :stuck_out_tongue:

I'm still unsure of the new rules. It has made the play much faster, but now the defense really has a hard time controlling speedy forwards. But on the other hand, I hated the clutch and grab teams who would drape themselves all over the opposition. The refs are calling everything, which is good for a change, but we'll have to wait and see how long that continues. As for the shootout at the end of a tied game after overtime, I'm definately against it. For the game, the points and ultimately the standings to be in the hands of so few players and not the team seems very wrong.


We have no problem following the puck in Detroit. Hockeytown is alive and kicking. I like the new rules. Agree that it will be more exciting and create more scoring opportunities. I'm still not completely sold on the goal temder having to stay in the box. I'll have to see how that pans out.
Is Fedorov playing this year?


hockey is back?


All I can say is that my team (The Senators) is going to win the cup this year. Spezza is going to win the Art Ross, Chara is going to win the Norris, and we will lead the league in scoring, again.


no one cares in america right now , its football season.....


Not in Ohio.


Speak for yourself.
My choices are the Redwings or the Lions. Go Wings.


Redwing's will never get past the Avalanche!


The wings were a better team than Colorado, now not so, due to changes. I dont like the new rules, i cannot stand the shootout overtime, i think its bullshit, play till someone scores, thats what i call exciting! Well I think Ottawa does have a great team, my montreal candiens dont have a chance, but at least they have been beating the leafs! I like Ottawa as a team, i think they have a good chance.
BTW, only reason Crosby is so amazing is because he is on a great line. You could put anyone on that line and they would do well, not that Im saying he isnt any good but take that into consideration...

recchi & leclair been around awhile and played together alot, and crosby is fast, so it works. Also getting to play with Mario...


It was hilarious when I was at a Detroit Lions game this year, they were getting whomped on, and a "Let's go Red Wings" chant broke out!


I'll pick the Red Wings over the Lions in a football game.


You got everything wrong, the Montreal Canadiens are going to win the cup this year!

With those new rules coming in we have the chance to see some very nice play.

Let's just hope that Alfredsson will break his legs before the next Ottawa vs Montreal game comes in :slight_smile:


Didn't the Av's just play Montreal....?


I like the new rules. I think the biggest impact so far is the expansion of the offensive zones. The points have acres of room to move the puck. I'm glad they finally did something about the goalie equipment, they were starting to like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. The vets are still adapting and the game we see now will not be the same game in April - by then it will be better. The playoffs will be unbelievable, I can't wait.


Hockey is awsome! I don't know who keeps saying that its like the number 5 or so sport in America. I don't know anyone who really follows baseball or basketball but maybe thats because i'm from pittsburgh. I almost died last season when they went on strike. The game is sooooo much better with these new rules. Not to rag on New Jersey (cus they have a good team this year) but the old trap style they used made the game horrible to watch. And my Penns, the best team in the new NHL game... don't have a single win. :frowning: O well i still think its more fun to watch.