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the new Mudvayne CD

I was just curious who else has the new Mudvayne? If you don’t and you like their style go and buy it, because it is fantastic. Also, read the article covering Mudvayne in the new Guitar World.

I gotta say, I enjoyed the first one better. They really did a great job of taking their music in another direction though. ‘Not falling’ is going to get them alot of the attention they deserve.

I agree with Ramone: the first major label debut was much better. For me, it’s harder to get into with their new effort. I’m sure it’ll probably grow on me, but nonetheless I say L.D. 50 is the better album. Whoever hasn’t heard of Mudvayne and enjoys a more complex form of metal should get L.D. 50 and then move on to the newer one, The End of All Things to Come.

Yeah same here, the new one is good, but it will take time for it to grow on me. Hell, the first one took a little time to grow on me, but it is one of my favorite albums.

Funny how it has to grow on you. Ive found the same thing for myself. I used to hate Mudvayne till I gave them a chance.

I’d have to say I like the two albums about the same. I like their new style (musical and physical). I just got the new SOAD album “Steal This Album”. I like it better than “Toxicity”.

The new Disturbed Kicks ass. I like it better than the first…

DRock, I was just gonna say something about how ALOT of Mudvayne fans are also System fans. Yet the music is so sooooo different. I have to say I liked Toixicty better. But Mr.Jack is fucking fantasic.

System fuckin owns! If there are 2 bands that I can think of that never really sounded like anyone else (talking about heavy music here) it’s System and Snot. The one thing I’m starting to dislike about System is the politcal lyrics are becoming prevalent. Not my thing.

Your talkin bout none other than Slipknot right? My room is covered in maggot posters and magazine pics.What do you think of the Murderdolls and Stonesour? I think Stonesour is gonna be mighty big one of these days. Murderdolls…well its fun, but it takes the right kind of mood to listen to.I think Sid has his own album aswell, under the name of DJ Starscream.If your looking for more inovative music check out CKY, these guys in my humble oppinion belong right alongside the before mentioned bands,for putting both heart and soul into their music and ignoring the trends.

Haha, no I wasn’t talking about Slipknot. While I do think that they are a good band, they aren’t very original in my opinion. The setup of the band is, but the music really isn’t if you think about it.

I was talking about a band called Snot. Very good original heavy band. The singer Lynn Strait died a few years back in a highway pile-up in LA I think. If you’re want a good track to download, look for “Absent”. I still have their CD kicking around somewhere. If you want, IM me at DerekLUAXP and when I get back to school in mid Jan I will rip the CD and send it to you.

Hey Ramone, when you mention Stonesour are you talking about that fag band that they play on the radio that is on the Spiderman soundtrack? You know the music video that the singer is getting older every other scene? Please I need to know this.`

“Bother” is the song your talking about, while its not exactly Stonesour, its being called Stonesour’s. Huh? Well Corey Tailor, singer of SS and Slipknot was sick of being labeled as nothing but a screaming guy in a mask, he was a hardcore fan of Spiderman as a kid, and was asked to put something on the album, he seen it as his chance to make the world see that hes not all about hate. The song is pretty weak, but its making a ton of stir on the top 10 charts. I think he just wanted to get laid.

Yes that is who he is talking about. They are the singer from Slipknot, Cory, and one of the guitar players, Joey.

Im not sure if Joey had anything to do with that acutally, Corey wrote both the lyrics and guitar while travelling. I checked out Snot, I gotta say Ive been looking hard for a new sound, and I think I’ve found it.

I don’t think it’s fair to label or constrain Stone Sour to that one song, “Bother.” Personally, I don’t find anything wrong with that song, but I can say with certainty that it does not represent the whole album. Give the album a listen before calling them “a fag band.” Maybe you’ll like it. As a side note, Jim Root is the other guitar player in Stone Sour while Joey Jordison is on guitar for the Murderdolls.

Thanks bro I appreciate it. I was getting very confused when all of my friends would begin talking about them. If homeskillet doesn’t want to be considered just a screamer he could have done something else, because that song sucks. I could understand if he just wanted to get laid though.

Have any of you heard of Buckethead? He is a fantastic guitar player. A good song to download is “Big sur moon”. I highly recomend it. Also, he is on the Mortal Kombat soundtrack.