The NEW Methoxy7

Did this weeks BTS get you excited or what!!! I will be one of the first to be a lab rat for the fat burning/muscle producing - HELLZ YAH I’M BUYING IT!!! But anyway, I’ve never used the old formula and wanted to know how long a bottle of the New 7-HYDROXY-EC will last. I remember doing the math on how long the old stuff would last, not very long at all. Since this new stuff is more potent, any guesses on how long a bottle will last on the 2 375 ml(x2) servings??? My body is gonna be FEENIN’ for this bubble gum syrup!!! For the love of God, tell me its gonna have no problem getting into Toronto, Canada. Its not fair to tease us Canadians and not ship to Canada.

From an ad for the old Meth-7, 2 teaspoons (400mg active ingredient)was a serving and there were 24 servings per 8oz container. to get to 1500mg a day you would be going through a bottle in 6.4 days. Pretty expensive. Would have been nice if they had listed how long a bottle of the new formula would last. If it is double that of the 1500mg dose of the old formula it is only a little under 13 days worth. I may have to wait for Christmas.

Hey they said they improved the flavor? Not for me, I bet. I loved the taste of it and it stayed on your teeth for awhile and you could still taste it. Bubble gum? I don’t think it will appeal to me. Anyway I also have 3 bottles coming. The old stuff worked well for me - I am more cut up than I have ever been and I felt I got good growth - my poundages just kept going up. I can’t wait to try it!