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The New Low-Carb Grow! Is...

… un-freak’in-believable!!! I read a bunch of posts on this stuff thinking all the hype was just the marketing machine at it’s best. WOW, was I wrong! I’ve had dozens of brands of protein, but NOTHING tastes this good! And, if it truly has all the calcium caseinate and micellar casein that is Mr. Anabolic’s best friend, than this stuff will be a close second to my fiance!

Word to the wise: don’t have your first batch sent to the office! After I took one bite of my Grow! and oats, I was walking around (while inhaling it) trying to get my co-workers to try it! Only one of the skinny beotches would take a hit…

Seriously, this stuff is DA BOMB! Thanks for making a quality protein that tastes like a chocolate shake!

Certified personal trainer and coach

P.S. Can a brotha get a kickback, since ALL my clients will be on this??!! :wink:


I was as surprised as you when I finally tried Grow! and Surge. I figured, okay, it must be just like every other MRP I’ve tried.

Boy was I wrong. I ate the damned Grow! like it was going out of style, every single meal/excuse I could get. And I’ll be damned if Surge doesn’t actually taste like angel food cake.

Excuse my language, but fuck me, this stuff is great.

If you’ve never tried it and you think the taste talk is just hype, do yourself a favor and try it. If you don’t think its the best tasting MRP you’ve had, just ship the remainder to me… :wink:

Heh, seriously though, try it and you’ll understand why the crying was going on around here when it was out of stock!