The New Improved Snuggie (WTF Blanket)

And the Snuggie spinoffs.

Yo Daddy’s gonna need a bigger D-sleeve.

[quote]Yo Momma wrote:
Yo Momma’s gonna need a bigger D-sleeve.[/quote]


Just paying…couldn’t resist.

Fuzz is a bad boy, and he needs to be spanked, hard.

Please and thank you.

Fuckin’ Snuggies.

I have friends and family who have always hated the Snuggies. But it seems a few of them have caved to all the promo for the new colors and prints, and bought some!

Fuckin’ Snuggies.

im not gonna lie, i just spent the last half hour watching every other snuggie video.

I work at sears. We sell tons of snuggies- seriously, they are huge money makers.

Dare you to wear snuggies + crocks at the gym.

[quote]Mikaj wrote:
Dare you to wear snuggies + crocks at the gym.[/quote]

somebody do this.

POIDH naturally.