The New HIT Hudlow Experiment

Anyone interested in running the David Hudlow experiment from the New HIT book? I’ve been itching to do it and would like to make it a group challenge if anyone wants to do it (some accountability would keep me on track especially for the first two weeks eating 1,500 calories a day). I’d be looking at starting January 1.

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This is a noble quest. This quest would be limited by recent research. Dr. Michael Mosley has written about his “Fast Diet.” , which consists of 800 calories for a maximum of 12 weeks. Then , he recommends a return to his 5:2 diet regimen until desired goals are reached.

Furthermore, dietary limits such as these are stressful, as I believe 3 weekly workouts are too much. John Little documented years ago that 2-3 exercises done weekly sufficed for weight loss.

Good luck with this, I’d be interested in the process/outcome,

Along with my “letting go” of tracking workouts that I posted about here, my interest in diets and dieting has waned (for me), but somehow I’m leaner than I’ve been in several years.

It’s hard to relate to David Hudlow (or a 1500 kcal intake for that matter), as he looks to be a different species than I am lol. He was on a deadline and appeared in a mainstream book that people like us still talk about.

My only question is why set a start date so far off like a line in the sand? That implies the process can be turned on or off like a light switch, when in fact it’s a balancing act that happens 24/7. Instead of 1/1/24, what if you started gradually now (1500 calories is not much for a large dude), and see where consistency and moderate cuts can get you by 1/1/25. Not very exciting from the TESTOSTERONE NATION perspective lol. I know.

That said, going so low can kickstart things, and be motivating.

I’m not knocking it, and hope this does not come off that way. I wish you good luck! I completely agree with @atp_4_me that it is a noble quest! Keep us posted.

I set the date to 1/1/24 because I’m doing Extreme HIT right now. I’m notorious for starting things and stopping so it’s my way of committing to the Extreme HIT program and finishing it, doing the best I can.

Also, I plan on taking a week off when I finish Extreme HIT and I probably will tailor my calories down. I’m eating probably 2500-3000 right now and that’s a rough estimate.

Mentally, being able to see which results is very enticing and I like seeing that quick progress.

I’m 5’11” and weight 175-180 so I don’t see myself as a big person. I just know from experience that when I try to diet down, and probably more so if I let myself get too hungry, I crave food really badly.

I did killing fat in the past for literally a week before I said screw it. I’m ready this time though to lean down and see what happens. And heck, I like to experiment with things!

From my 50 years of lifting experience, John Little’s 2-3 exercises weekly (aka Mike Mentzer’s consolidation routine) can be followed during low calorie dietary restrictions. Michael Mosley’s 800 calorie restriction can be followed if one maximizes water and fiber, ie no processed foods. Salads, small lean meat portions, low fat vegetables, overnight soaked oats. Etc. you get the idea. It can be done!


I may not do the full 3 workouts a week during the two week 1,500 calorie eating. I read Dr Darden’s Killing Fat book and he had people do 2 x a week workouts utilizing 30-10-30. That’s what I may do.

Since a combination of cardiovascular conditioning and resistance training has shown greater fat loss than either of themselves singularly, an every other week workout of cardiovascular conditioning and resistance training could be beneficial for fat loss


I ran through the whole program and followed the diet to a Tee with my brother in late 2020-early 2021. I actually documented my results here in my first ever post on T-Nation. I’ve come a long, long way since then but it’s very cool to look back on and I definitely enjoyed the experience and following a very regimented plan.

Quite cool! I’ve been following your posts for quite awhile and have always thought you’ve had a really good physique.

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Thank you! I appreciate the kind words! Let me know if you have any questions or need any help when you run through the program!