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The New HIT By Dr. Darden


What are the general lines behind this new HIT concept? Has anyone tried it?

I never tried HIT, and if this one is better than original HIT, I might give it a try.


The book is great! It contains much history of bodybuilding and basic information about HIT.

The book also has some HIT routines that may be updated from stuff in past. It also has a quick-start diet and a bulking plan using creatine and "sugar-water" that helped one guy gain 30+lbs of muscle in just a few weeks.

I think it's a great read even though I don't follow HIT. Also, I highly recommend the new HIT book by Dr. Darden (The New Bodybuilding book sold here on T-Nation). Because of that book, I decided to pick up The New HIT. It has interviews with many people from the iron game and a lot of bodybuilding history, photos and more. I really enjoyed reading it and found it insiteful and interesting.

Like I said, I don't follow HIT, but I found both books to be good reads and they both contained good information that I can use in my training.


As long as you don't allow yourself to become a one note Johnny like so many HIT folks do there are valid principles to be learned from guys like Dr. Darden who has been in this game longer than 90% of the people around here have been alive and has also been nearby when quite a bit of muscle has been built.


Don't worry I have trouble staying on a program for more than 2 weeks haha

I couldn't stay on this HIT thing longer that any other, I was just looking for another type of program to add variety when I switch things up.

I was looking for personal experiences. Also, if someone could explain me the principle behind this new HIT, because I already know about the original HIT. What's new, what has been changed?