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The New Era - Only Sixteen

I have been on this forum for quite awhile, but decided finally to join the forum.

Some personal information:
lifting for an year.

Lifting information:
Bench press: 105 for 3 repetitions
ATG squat: 125 for 3 repetitions
Deadlift: 145 for 5 repetitions

I don’t actually have some straight numbers of my max one repetition. Those numbers are quite outdated, need to test out my one max repetition soon.

Both long goal and in the closest future: Maybe compete with other athletes in a strongman/power lifting meet. get a lot lot stronger, and then diet away some few pounds.

I’ve been on my first diet( it sucked) and I screwed up,lost a shit load of strength. Therefore I’m on a bulk for so long until I have to go for a diet.

Currently I’m training 5x5 with the Texas method principles. After this cycle I’m going to switch it up with a conjugate/ Westside barbell program with ME,DE days for an 8-12 cycle ( need to read up on this). If not I’m just keeping the 5x5 with the Texas method for awhile.

I have a another log on a another website,so I don’t know which of the two websites I’m going to be the most active on, excuse my English it’s my second language.

Ok it was a light day yesterday, I’m just going to write down the heaviest set/repetitions.

Squat:1x5 on 85 didn’t have a proper form.

Overhead press: 1x5 45kg

Back Ex: 1x10 with a 10kg

Lat pull down: 1x5 85kg

Tomorrow will be my last training session before I travel, will be gone for a week… Note to myself increase with 5kg on the PR days (Friday usual) , and 2,5-1,25kg on the 5x5 days (Sunday usual)

Okay, well a long time since I wrote something here. The texas method was a blessing on the three big, I’m going to run a second cycle maby a 3rd cycle too. I’m at this point where I need to cut some dead weight. I weight roughly 110-113, and i’m at this point were it’s just too much useless weight at my waist. The diet would last for a 12 week period , at the mean time I’m going to bump my protein intake and watch my kcals…

What up lil brah?

Let’s get this shit done.


doing the 5x5 as written in a article on this site (focusing on that 2x bw squat)

1rm 150squat atg
1rm 205-210 deadlift
1rm 115 bench

still 105

after some months with this shit, I’ll move on to 3x3,smolov maby, sheiko or something like that

hill sprints: 34@10m

no belt or shit…

I’ll be starting the 3x3 program by stephen korte, and hopefully finish it.

1, order of the lifts are

---------------->before the bench I do a 5x5 of pull ups…

5x5 92,5 kg straight sets so 92,5 x5 , x5 ,x5 etc

5x5 67,5 with a special bar , Cant remember the name of the bar… but it would help my since it increases the ROM

5x5 122,5 3sets of 5 sumo stance and 2 sets of 5 conventinal… need to get strong sumo , hopefully it will convert to my conventinal stance