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The New Encyclopieda Of BodyBuilding

I was just told about this book by my neighbor, and I might order it. It is written by the governator, but I now know its probly not his work. I would still like to know any thoughts on this book.

Not a bad book overall. Not much on the way of cutting edge info. It does have a very nice catalog of different excercises with many pictures. I particularly liked the history section too, many great photos, showing the evolution of bodybuilding. If you use it for leisure reading or an excersise library, then it does it’s job nicely. If you ae looking for the best info on getting huge, ripped, strong, etc… then continue reading t-mag.


Good grief. Spend your money on Supertraining or something. Heck, keep it in your wallet. I used to find the pics and stories inspirational, but even that wore thin after awhile.

The content is pretty much all common knowledhe nothing too ground breaking. It gives good descriptions of a lot of exercises and goes into how he trained back then with some new input. I think the best part of the book is the photography. Some of the pictures are absoultely amazing.

The Misses gave me this for a present two years ago. I went through it on holiday last summer. And I now use it as a reference for my own workouts and for designing new workouts for friends and clients.
It has just about every standard lifting and bodybuilding exercise I’ve ever heard of. Which has helped when I feel like I am in a rut. They are illustrated and broken down. It also has seperate breakdowns for beginners, intermediates, advanced lifters, muscle groups and specific training.
Great photos, useable index and easy to follow, atleast IMOP.
Now if you are looking for anything related to Poliquin, West Side, chains, bands, GVT…this may or may not be for you.
Personally I think it is a decent book for any fitness fanatic to have in their library.

It’s really only good for reminiscing on the bygone days of bodybuilding. A decent book for those entering their first show and needing a visual reference for posing. As for the training?

Eh yeah: get Supertraining. And Bill Pearl’s “Keys to the Inner Universe” is a better book for exercise references.

heavysprout is correct! You cannot simply dismiss what the guy has to say, after all he was the best of the best in his field!

Good picture book.

Get it.

Get it, I found it extremely motivational, even if the exercise routines may be somewhat antiquated.

I also liked his ‘education of a bodybuilder’ (I think that was what it was called) Also motivational, if only to make you appreciate just how hard the guy worked.

Cue the moans about his genetic abnormalities.

Come on guys. Even a quick perusal of the exercise descriptions will show you that they are poorly described and in many cases incorrectly described and ineffectual in some cases. Additionally, I can’t understand why people insist that virtually every conceivable exercises is in it when this is not the case at all. There are far more exercises discussed and described here and elsewhere for free and they don’t feature overgrown gorillas using poor form.

I agree with Patricia. The Pearl book is superior to Arnold’s.

If you want a book which will have an immediate impact on your training purchase Supertraining, or either of Christian T?s books.

It may not be the most cutting edge, but it is a MUST HAVE for any bodybuilding book library…

Arnold is an inspirational man; after reading that book for 10 min, I guarantee you’ll want to go to the gym!


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The Arnold book is good to have in a collection, but not the best as far as learning too much beyond the basics. Some cool pictures of Arnold in his day, and others, but probably not worth the $50 (still?) it retails for.

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Right Side. I picked it up at Borders for $24.95. Its a $17.50 at amazon. Its well worth it at that price.

lol i hope nobody bought it for 50.00, I got myne used at amazon.com for 8 dollars

mine was 25$ cnd

Just check it out from the library or the older edition.