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The New Damage Thread


Yesterday..I REdamaged myself.

PWO - Protein shake w/ cliff bar

Out to eat with family - a boatload of garlic bread, chicken parm, two orders angel hair pasta.

On the way home - foot long roast beef sub with mayo, swiss cheese, assorted toppings.

Home..from 930pm until about 1245am - 1 LARGE bowl crunch berries, 1 LARGE bowl frosted flakes, 1 bowl chocolate frozen yogurt with whip cream and capn crunch as topping, a cliff bar, 1 lucky charms treat, 1 rice crispy treat, 1 bowl of lucky charms, 1 protein shake, 1 piece of chocolate cake, 2 fuji apples, 1 bowl of fruity pebbles, 2 snackwells cookies, 2 frosted oatmeal cookies, a shitload of pretzels.

How much damage did YOU do?


Not nearly as funny as your "OMG guyz, can I eat 16oz of greek yogurt per day???" That does look like an impressive amount of food, though. I'm curious as to how you only went with 2 oatmeal cookies, as usually those tend to either not be eaten or be a 10-minimum sort of thing.

Also, doesn't eating like that suggest to you that you might be overly restrictive normally?


Yes the cookies i dont understand. WHen i eat cookies its a half dozen at least. I would of dropped the pretzels and gone with extra cookies


^Yeah pretzels, in fact, do suck. Same with crackers lol, who eats those things? Unless there is some pepperjack or colby to go with them they are a waste, but even then...


When I saw this thead I thought we were going to talk about NewDamage and how awesome he was and how we wish hed come back lol


I've continuously upped my weekly calories...I'm just a fucking glutton man lol.

The cookies weren't too good..and I was at that full capacity feeling in my stomach.


i ate a pan of choc chip, oatmeal cookies... figured it about ~5000cal, 200g fat, 600g carbs. gotta love a cheat day... except its the only thing i ate all day besides some protein shakes to make me feel as if i did something right, haha.


Normally if i make cookies barely enough dough gets to the pan to make a full pan. :slight_smile:


the funny thing is if you had say 200g protein at least aswell those macros arent horrible at all lol


ya i suppose they arent terrible, except the carbs came almost completely from the brown/white sugar and all i did was a little HIIT routine, didnt put the calories to work..although it was organic! and probly more like 150g protein. whatever damage done...so worth it

although exonerating our "screw ups" is far from productive...i dig this thread haha

  1. Cup of frozen berries, peanut butter, meal replacement shake
  2. Cheese and ham sandwich, apple, carrot, 5g fish oil
  3. 50g isolate, 50g virtago
  4. workout fuel x2
  5. Tuna, rocket, dressing x lots, rice cakes, 5g fish oil
  6. Meal replacement shake
  7. Whole chicken, 150g risotto
  8. Meal replacement shake, 100g peanuts and raisens

About 4500, 250g P, 150g F, 500g C


Is it gross that on Saturday mornings I always eat a whole box of Kashi Go Lean? Breakfast is usually that, some leftover baked chicken, and roughly 8 pieces of string cheese, haha.


Ha, the 16oz of greek yogurt was funny because 16oz of greek yogurt is nothing. At one point this past spring, I was eating twice that in cottage cheese daily, lol. Actually, though, it was more expensive than anything else--killed the wallet until I cut that out.



Plus disappointment to learn this thread's actual content (and I generally like facko's posts)


I'll remedy this.

But..I intended for this thread to serve as a weekly diary/post of my Sunday Funday junk days from hell.

I intend to eat quantities and combinations once thought impossible.


What kind of kashi go lean?



Ah i call that stuff cardboard. I will sprinkle some on my greek yogurt to add some crunch but thats it. So then to answer your question it is gross :slight_smile:


I hate all of you...


hate us?