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The New 'Cowboys and Indians!'


Lo, here is the new way to play the game we all played when we were kids!:...

User 1: "You're a Troll!"

User 2: "Fuck you! You're a Troll!"

User 1: "You Trolled first!"

User 3: "Both yall's R fucking Trollz!"

User 2: "GTFO, you're both Trolls!"

So I love it. Everybody thinks everyone's a troll, save few respected veteran members.


Tomorrow's forecast for my city : Wind: S at 13 mph, Humidity: 83%, High of 92, Low of 78.


Who else is watching lifetime and drinking soy milk,

no one, just me......again, shit wheres my Arimidex.


Forecast for my city: also 83% humidity, Wind: E at 10, High of 82


Soy Milk sucks




I thought the new Cowboys and Indians is the US Marines killing a bunch of swarthy A-Rabs over in Afghanistan.


I'm watching dirty jobs..mike rowe is cool.


Man I get my reeeeeeal dark chocolate from Newark. Damn straight


Shit I thought this thread was about hookers too.

This place sucks.


When do the hookers show up.








Terrorists and Anti-Terrorists...


Stick it in her pooper!

...wait, what are we talking about?


Conan O'Brien hates Newark ... he's been banned by the Mayor from flying into Newark Airport ... it's true ... and hilarious


Nah, the true dark chocolate is in Camden. Everybody knows that.
My Tigers blew the playoffs yesterday.
I'm eating noodle-less speghetti for breakfast. Yep, just sauce, beef and cheese. And not the cheep, bagged cheese, we're talking freshley graded romano chees. Shit was expensive. hey, what's the most expensive cheese you ever bought? And, pics or it didn't happen...



Hookers !! when do the hookers come. Lemme know plz ..Thanks!


Why does the Mayor dislike Conan?


Because he's a drunk Irish?



Conan's bit about the new Newark healthcare program being a one-way bus ticket out of Newark was pretty good.