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The New Circuit Training Workouts, Busy Gym Suggestions

Doesn’t have to be Thibs response, just looking for like-minded creative folks’ thoughts.
I am certain someone would, even if I could get it set up for a circuit, jump in and block or strip what I had going, even with a towel marker, a do not disturb sign, a pit bull guarding…
I could maybe get to a rack, and keep two bars and a set of dumbells.
2 dumbbell clean and press
Front squat
Barbell press?
Snatch grip deadlift
Power clean

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I go to the gym at 430 am, only 5 people in there…perfect opportunity to do circuit training

Clean and press, burpees

Deadlifts and pullups

Squat and press

Pullups, dips, squat


Set of Front Squats (clean 1st rep), then set of RDL with same bar / same weight. If you still have any fight left you could do Floor Press after the RDLs…same bar/same weight.

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Dumbbell plus Adjustable Bench
1 Arm DB Incline Bench
Lunge or Bulgarian Split Squat
1 Arm Row
1 Leg RDL (rear foot elevated on bench if you want)
Suitcase Walk

Smith Machine
Pushups on the Bar in Smith Machine
Smith Machine Squat or Lunge
Rows or Inverted Rows on Smith Machine Bar
Romanian Deadlift or Hip Thrust in Smith Machine
1 foot Calf Raise, toes on plate in Smith Machine

Barbell and Power Rack
Barbell Clean from Hang
Barbell Press
Barbell Front Squat
Barbell Stiff Leg Deadlift
Sidebend holding Plate or Leg Raise Hanging from Rack

2 different Dumbbells or Kettlebells
1 Arm Press with “light” DB or KB
Goblet Squat with “heavy” DB or KB
1 Arm Snatch with “light” DB or KB
Wide Stance, Stiff Leg Bend Overs with “Heavy” DB or KB

Band plus overhead anchor point
Band Straight Arm Pulldown
Pushup, maybe band resisted
Band Good morning
Band Sidebend, pushing “down” on working side


This is an outstanding thread

Hang Clean
Zercher Squat
Floor Press

DB Bench
Goblet Squat

Reverse Lunge
Pendlay Row

Split Jerk
Front Squat

I’ll bet with some imagination we could come up with weeks of ideas for all phases. Great work!


Keep the puke bucket nearby - this one could be brutal

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The other nasty one I do from time to time is:

with 14” Cambered Squat Bar (CSB):

-CSB Squat
-CSB Push-Press
-CSB Zercher Deadlift

Short and brutal workout

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50 rep deep squats…pick a weight you can do 20 reps with

after 20 reps, do not rack the weight, rest for 3 seconds, do as many reps as you can and continue until you get to 50

Lift fasted so you can go to RPE -Gnar!

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Yeah barbell complexes are king but can be brutal

My 2cents:
Proper weights move
Deep/marine pushup
Abs move

ie Dumbell rows heavy +close to failure
immediately drop down to TRX Push up
again no rest, lower ab flutter kicks for time( say45 secs)

Add in a band move for a 4th exercise if really want to embrace the suck

These good by Thib also…