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The New and Improved Vick


I suspect this is more studying then he did at VT


What a crock.
I'm sure if someone had bothered to make him take this test before he started killing dogs for fun and profit, it would have totally turned his life around.
I would love to see this test:

"Your prize pit just lost a fight, but isn't quite dead yet. Do you:"

A) Hold his head under water until the bubbles stop?

B) Hang him by his neck overnight?

C) Shock him with a cattle prod then bury him in the backyard?

D) Clean his wounds, and tell him he'll do better next time?


He's still a fucking prick.


The "new and improved Vick" should be lathered in BBQ sauce and put into a pit with about 10 starving dogs with a taste for blood.....who the hell really cares if he has money or not....he's a waste of oxygen


From the article:

[b]Because of the impact PETA officials think the course had on Vick, Shannon sent a letter on Tuesday to NFL commissioner Roger Goodell asking him to make a similar course mandatory for all NFL players.[/b]

Because all NFL players are animal abusers....

Obviously Goodell won't do this, but the request still irks me, though nothing PETA does is surprising anymore.


when vick goes to jail for five years it could be a real life version of the longest yard!


This just goes to show how stupid PETA really is, because now Vick will be able to use that in his upcoming court case. If PETA were really dedicated to the cause they would be trying to fry him. Not offering loop holes for consideration at reducing his sentence.