The New and Improved Superfood

Thank you, TC! I appreciate it!

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Has the oxalate/oxalic acid been measured?

I’d like to be able to calculate how much calcium I to take with it to bind it up to avoid kidney stones (my father had them bad). Berries, etc. have some and kale has a fair bit.

This is 100% correct. I had been using the previous Superfood formulation for a number of years; until it was briefly out of stock.

I received the new formulation fairly recently (towards the end of December) and find the new formulation to be much stronger-almost to the point of being unpleasant in taste. Typically I mix it with water with my breakfast.

Due to the quality of the product and the fact that each package lasts so much longer, I will continue to use it, but it will definitely take a period of adjustment:)


Not to my knowledge. However, I can’t imagine it’s over 50 mg., but even that might be an overestimate.

If you have nothing against a sweetener, I’ll say adding one makes it pretty easy to push the flavor back into the pleasant range.

You know, even if we did decide to add a sweetener, it’s usually a no-win situation with consumers. Sugar? Ack! Aspartame? Artificial --ack! Fructose? Ack! Stevia? Metallic aftertaste! Ack! Monk fruit? What are the monks gonna’ use if you take their fruit? Or something like that.


Let consumers add their own sweetener!!!

Learned this cardinal rule from watching too many cooking shows -when it comes to seasoning (or anything else that goes into solution) you can always add, but you can’t take away.


This is what I’ve always done and don’t even really notice it (Chocolate Metabolic Drive, un-alkalized cocoa, decaf instant coffee, sometimes PB powder in 50/50 Milk/Water).

I’ve also mixed it in my late-night protein “pudding” which is just Chocolate Metabolic Drive, PB powder and two ounces of water so I don’t piss myself at 3am. And, though I can tell it’s there, the Superfood is certainly not offensive. I’d say the new version is even less offensive than the former mixed this way.

Which brings me to something I’ve always wondered. TC, are you aware of any research that indicates if timing makes a significant difference when consuming anti-oxidants? Of course, we’ve discussed taking Flameout in the evening hours when inflammation is highest and you’re typically consuming a fattier meal, but what about an anti-oxidant supplement such as Superfood?

I’ve taken this before but I’m curious, though I understand the ORAC rating is high and that this has a lot of different ingredients in it, what’s the actual amount of each ingredient in this? Even though I’ve taken it before, call me skeptical because for all I know it’s 90% apple and 9% blueberry and 1% everything else (that’s obviously an exaggeration, but I hope you understand my question).

Some studies say the morning, others say in the middle of the day. It’s still largely unknown. Still, it’s a good question. Some studies have shown that antioxidant vitamins, for instance, have little effect in preventing cardiovascular disease. Other show that they do. The results, however, might depend on the actual timing of the antioxidants. For the time being (until we know more), I would just use it when it’s convenient.

Yeah, I get you. This may sound weenie, but the exact amounts are kinda’ proprietary. Hell, if I reveal the exact amounts, you might go out to your garden, collect the fruits and vegetables, desicate and freeze dry them, weigh out the exact proportions, and make your own Superfood! Okay, maybe not, but I think you understand what I mean. However, rest assured that it’s not “90% apple, 9% blueberry…” The point I keep on making is that WE use the supplements we make and we sure as hell aren’t going to boondoggle ourselves, let alone customers.

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I sprung for 4 bags of Superfood when the T Nation team offered the pre-order discount because 1) it was generous, 2) I trust the team to make kickass, effective products, and 3) I was looking for an “insurance policy” on top of my already well-rounded fruits and veggies intake.

It’s only been a few weeks of consistent use, but I’m pleased with how I’m feeling overall. I take 1-2 scoops in the morning, blended into a protein shake, along with 5g of creatine and Flameout. I’ll control other variables while I continue to keep tabs on my energy levels, training intensity/recovery, and immunity against illness. So far, so good.

Thanks @TC_Luoma and the rest of the team for continuing to make great products!


This is a somewhat unrelated question but since there’s some T Nation folks in this thread I’ll ask.

I have a bag of Superfood from like 2019 or so. Never been opened.

I’m probably going to start getting the new version and taking it regularly but when I came across the old bag in the cupboard I felt bad about just throwing it away.

Think it’s still good? I don’t see an expiration date on there and it’s still sealed but 3-4 years is a long time for something to just sit there.

We recommend using Superfood within two years of the manufacturing date printed on the bag.

With that said, it can be good for longer if stored properly. Additionally, it won’t go bad; it might just lose some potency.

Hope that helps!

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Yep, that helps, just basically wanted to know if it’d make me sick at this point, haha. If it’s less potent that’s fine, I just felt bad about throwing a whole unopened bag away, like I said.

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The taste of the new product is different, but I mix it with beet powder and creatine anyway, but if you mix in a little apple cider vinegar, it makes the whole concoction more palatable.


To give a follow-up: zero digestive issues. I’m a fan.

Also, for those of you complaining about smell/taste: ya’ll have a charmed life, haha. I’ve downed some NASTY supplements in my time. This stuff is super benign.


What happens to the fiber?

Most of it is left behind. Oddly enough, fiber would bind up some of the phytochemicals, leaving them non absorbable. Plus, the serving size would be a lot, lot, bigger. Best to take a separate fiber supplement.

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I recently tried Superfood again after last using it maybe 10 years ago. I just finished my 2nd bag of the current formula. For each bag there was clearly less than 60 days’ worth of servings. I didn’t keep count for the 1st bag, but for the 2nd bag I tallied the doses. It had only 40 servings! Can that please be looked into as the product is clearly advertised to have 60 days’ worth in each bag? Other than that I enjoy drinking it and have no issues with the product.