The New 5x5 - After 6 Weeks? Slow Eccentric Power Cleans?

Coach, I have a question regarding the following statement from your most recent article, namely

You could successfully use this for 6 weeks,

Specifically, do you mean that afterwards it would be most prudent to do something rather different or would doing a one week deload be equally appropriate or perhaps re-run it but change your main lift to another variation, i. e. Back Squat —> Front-squat, change grip width on bench, power clean —> ?

And, any remarks on form with regards to doing a slow eccentric on the power clean besides just resisting gravity actively as the bar is allowed to drop?

When we use accentuated eccentrics for the clean or snatch it is not the lowering from the catch, only the part where you either lower it to the floor or to the hang; from the hip (as in a finished deadlift position) going down. We normally only use this with lifts from the hang.

Coach can day 1 be max efford day with ramping to max 5-3 reps and rest of days with sets some kind percentages of this ramp? How those percentages could look like? I hate percentages of 1 rep max and I don’t like test 1 rm also. By the way grate article I realy like this idea.

I do use that in the last phase of the strength athletes I work with.

For example:

Week 1
Day 1 = Ramp to 5RM
Day 2 = 4 x 5 @ 80% of 5RM
Day 3 = 4 x 5 @ 90% of 5RM

Week 2
Day 1 = Ramp to 4RM
Day 2 = 4 x 4 @ 80% of 4RM
Day 3 = 4 x 4 @ 90% of 4RM

Week 3
Day 1 = Ramp to 3RM
Day 2 = 4 x 3 @ 80% of 3RM
Day 3 = 4 x 3 @ 90% of 3RM

Week 4
Day 1 = Ramp to 2RM
Day 2 = 4 x 2 @ 80% of 2RM
Day 3 = 4 x 2 @ 90% of 2RM

Week 5
Day 1 = Ramp to 1RM
Day 2 = 4 x 1 @ 80% of 1RM
Day 3 = 4 x 1 @ 90% of 1RM

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Wow thank you for this phase!!! How many phase are you using with athlets?

It depends on the length of their off-season. I have 5 type of phases but a cycle normally has 3 phases

Thank you for answer. You are genius coach. I understand that You can’t share with us how first two phase could look like?

Well first an foremost. The 5x5 articles was only to study it and show you how you can improve it. And while with the athletes I work with I do use 3 whole body sessions a week, one being an eccentric emphasis session, the second one being an isometric emphasis one and the third being a concentric emphasis workout, I do not use a 5x5 approach most of the time.

And you are correct, I cannot give out all the phases. First because it wouldn’t be fair for my paying clients but mostly because it varies from athlete to athlete and also on the priority at the moment.

Thanks !! I understend in 100%