The New 3 Day Split for Mass

  Have got a 3-day split sorted, please advise as you see fit.

My goals are to Build Muscle.

Monday - Back (Focus on Chin ups)
Negative Chins
negative 6 second tempo

20 Staggered Chin ups
AS many sets as needed to complete.

Partial Chins

Wednesday - Chest
Bench Press- 8x5
Incline Bench Press
Decline bench Press
Dumbell Flyes

Friday - Legs

Squat - 8x5
Deadlift - 8x5
Leg Press - 5x5
Standing Barbell Calf Raises - 5x12

What do we think?
Rip the shit out of me if you feel the need, as long as advice happens too!


I think it’s horrible. There’s no balance. I know it’s a cliche, but you should pick one of the programs on here and start with that, and when you know your body better you can design your own program.

Your avatar makes up for the workout.

Chinups work your lats but the ret of your back is ignored. You’ve completely missed your shoulders. 8x5 on squats and deadlifts is way to much.

I have to agree with WhiteFlash. Try something like Starting Strength and add chins if you want.


I should keep this message somewhere so that I can just copy/paste. Starting Strength would be fantastic for you.

Starting Strength

Strong Lifts

Bill Starr



I really like that one. Going for that. Thanks a lot guys, and yeah, my avatar is fit :smiley: