The Neverending Optimization Quest

In “The Paradox of Choice,” Barry Schwartz explicates the difference between “maximizers” and “satisficers.” Maximizers are seemingly never satisfied with research, and thus they never arrive at contentment…when it comes to many decisions, they have paralysis by analysis. And when they finally do make a decision, they keep thinking about the alternatives.

This makes me reflect on TRT. So many – and I’m sometimes guilty of this myself – tinker ceaselessly. Even when you feel great, perhaps you could feel greater, so you keep messing with variables, missing the fact that human beings will never be or feel “perfect.” Life isn’t meant to be “perfect.” The struggle is part of what makes it meaningful.

When I see some say “I feel great on 100 mg/week,” whereas others are like “I still don’t feel dialed in at 250 mg with anavar,” I wonder if this could be attributable (at least somewhat) to personality differences…some are satisficers, others maximizers.

Am I onto something or improperly psychoanalyzing? :thinking:


I think you’re correct. Either that, or your total t is in the supraphysiological range, causing you not to think clearly. :crazy_face:

For myself, I feel pretty close to optimized at my protocol. And I’d say that my “personality” usually has me leaving well enough alone.

Maybe I don’t push myself as much as I should, when I feel content.

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What if I told you…both are true… :laughing:

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All I know is you are allowed to get optimized on a heftier TRT dose if your body can handle the levels including E2, but its a sin to do for someone else who wants similar results/levels but has to use an AI… for some reason.

Is it a sin if you know that an AI is harming your body, but you still continue to use it just so you think you can take more testosterone?

That’s something we each need to ask ourselves, and cannot dictate to someone else’s conscience.

If its harming your body then that is a whole other issue obviously.

Does the benefit out weigh the cost?