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The obligatory first post face sheet:

Training Age/Experience: Lifting 2+ years, lifetime runner, used to be gymnast

Program: 5-3-1 from day 1 and until death do us part

Training philosophy: The amount of weight on the bar is incidental. Strength comes from taking risks and pushing limits.

chronological Age: 40

Height: not quite 5’4"

Weight: keeping it under 123

Lifting goals: DL 300, Bench 135, Squat 185, 25 BW pullups.

Gymnastics goals: Press handstand, BHS on beam, a bar routine (no dismount).

Running goals: On both ends of the spectrum, and presently not working towards either one: a 6 min mile, a Boston Marathon qualifying time.

Best Lifts: DL 265; Bench 115 (no pause); Squat 155x3 (maybe a little high, husband said it was good though); pullups 17 (last time tested).


edited: Squat best is not 150 but 155x3.
edited to add Running prs: 5k 24:43 pace 7:57; 10k 52:36 pace 8:28; 1/2 marathon 1:52 Pace 8:36

Picked up a couple of new training partners for the summer. They are skinny, weak and foul mouthed. I blame their father.

3-3-3 Bench Friday

Bar x 10
95x8 (forgot to put the clip on and dumped the weights. Oops.)

BBB 75x10x5

65x8; 75x8; 85x8; 95x8–a bit of a struggle on that last set.

Hip rehab stuff

Press handstand stuff

Today 5 mile run

Off to gymnastics open gym with the kids.

Awesome! New log! Hope that you guys have sooooooo much fun at open gym time!

second! watch out for dumping those weights Nadia. Don’t let the bar kick back.

mee too mee too!!

fav so far [quote]They are skinny, weak and foul mouthed. I blame their father.[/quote]


pmsl!! I love kids for this reason! and you sound so sweet doing it.

dunno if you’ve ever dumped weights before, cant remember. howd it feel?

Yay for the new log!

I’m trying to get into running. I’m starting slowly, doing only half miles for now.
Ran a 4:13 half mile today
/bragging giggle

Anyway, I definetely think of you when running. Trying not to give up. Endurance shit is killer.
Glad to follow you for another 45 pages =)

I miss running. Great goals and you are getting close to them, yay!

Very nice goals. And damn, you have a better deadlift than I do (and I’m bigger and heavier).
Good luck with that Boston Marathon qualifying time.

Yay for a new log!

New log! Hi Nadia!

Your kids are funny and cute.
It sounded like fun in your home gym.
Do the kids have pull up goals? or gymnastic goals for the summer?

Woot woot!! New log!!

Love your endless and maniacal training. Brings a tear to my eye, really.

Tear it up Nadia!

And your kidlets are HIlarious.

Veggie, we did have a blast. I jumped on the trampoline, climped a rope, worked on my bhs, coached, watched and played with my kids.

Spidey: Got it. Never dumped weights before and it took me by surprise. I don’t want to do it again. Clips FTW.

Cbear: I probably enjoy my kids more than I should. I’m not a very good straight man. With respect to dumping the weights my experience was like this: It was initially difficult to stabalize the bar. Then I thought, WTF Nadia, the weights that makes this lift heavy for you are on the floor–get a grip. And I did, and I was fine. Except then I was pissed because I had ruined my chances for a rep pr. I wasn’t supposed to stop at 8.

Nikki: That’s a solid pace you have through the half mile. Don’t worry the endurance will come very quickly. The heart is an easy muscle to train. Keep me posted on your progress!

Hi 2busy. Thanks for stopping in. Really sorry to hear that you aren’t able to run…injury?

Cal: A BQ time feels way out of reach for me. My best is 4:24, and to qualify I need to run 3:50 which is 8:46 per mile pace. I’ve run 4 marathons–two seriously, and I completely crap out at mile 20-21. In addition, I spend the year following the marathon nursing one injury after another. I may not be biomechanically suited to that distance/and or volume of running. Still, this has been a goal of mine for many years. And I haven’t run a full since I started lifting–so maybe I have a chance. I might try for one next year. We’ll see how the lifting goes.

HI coyote!

Charlie: The kids don’t have any goals. We’ll see if they want keep “playing” in the gym. I hope they do, but they are distracting as hell.

Masch: “Maniacal training” is funny. I hate doing nothing. I love training. And making progress. And everyday I get up and think “What are you going to do to advance the ball today?” There’s so much to work on–strength, flexibility static and active, endurance, skills, explosivity, balance–and so little time.

5-3-1 SQUATS


Heavy singles
175x1 PR see video! I missed 175 on my last 5-3-1 day–I got it today. Deep enough?

Also, I’m sorry snap. I can’t turn around in the rack. It feels weird.

BBB MP barx10x5
GMS 75x10x5
HLRS BWx10x3

You’re a beast. And great hamstrings, btw.

Regarding the marathon, I don’t think many people are suited to doing that sort of distance. It’s a long bloody way, and on hard surfaces for most races.
How do you deal with the wall (I’m assuming that’s what you mean when you say you crap out at around mile 20)? I’m just interested because I almost lost it around 11.5-12 miles during my half, which was largely down to dehydration, I think, but I just concentrated on putting one foot in front of the other. I’m not sure I could have done so, though, if I knew I still had an hour’s running to do (since that’s how long six miles takes me).

Nice squatting! I’d say that’s solid depth. Loving how Adele was pumping during that squatting.

I just love the video with your kids–so much fun!

I’ll add my vote in for solid depth-way to get it!

That press if yours if you just leeeeeaaaaaan a smidge more. I just about fell out of my chair leaning in those last vids.

And no dismount? I think a tuck fly-away or at the very least a shoot half is doable :slight_smile: What will the rest of the routine look like?

depth is better than good!!

one thing. i watched it 3 times just to count.

the weight is on your back for 9 seconds before you squat. thats an eternity. walk it shorter and squat it faster, get a few more lbs out of it. if your form and your head arent right before you get under, take that 9 sec before you unrack.

grateful to have a monolift in my life. sigh.

still loling abt ur kids. its awesome.

[quote]Nadia Comeandeat wrote:
Also, I’m sorry snap. I can’t turn around in the rack. It feels weird.
No worries. I’ve just never seen anyone walk the weight forward to squat and then have to blindly walk backwards to rack it. It’s the safety issue that concerns me. Also, you’ll need to learn to unrack and walk it backwards when you do a PLing meet. And you really should.

Your depth looks perfect. Beauteous. Ahh, such raw talent. I’ve always suspected that your maxes are set way too low for 5/3/1 with the way you can just rep away. But it works for you. Such nice work!

new log!

kids are so cute :slight_smile:

squats are plenty deep and made better with rolling in the deep. great vids.

Good squatting…no doubts on the depth.

How come us fathers always get the blame…?