The Neurotyping Test is Available

I’ve also done the test bass ackwards. Thinking 1= never 5=all the time. Makes sense…?

Anyway. I’ve tried to email a couple of times in the last few days for a new or reusable key. You guys getting bogged down with it I’m sure?

Honestly I don’t handle the backhand of things. Try contacting Jess directly at

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For clarification, from 1 to 5
1 means no or little
5 means yes and absolutely

exact ???

Pour précisions , de 1 à 5
1 veut dire non ou peu
5 veut dire oui et absolument

exact ???

In France, we note like that, but at home it’s different ??

C’est l’opposé en fait… ce devrait etre plus clair, certaines personnes se sont trompées

Hi Christian, i did the test,
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Sous-totaux “Principaux” 26 75 -10 -4 -7
Sous-totaux “Secondaires” 46 38 4 8 -8
Sous-totaux “Autres” 32 35 12 -6 11
TOTAL 104 148 6 -2 -4

Does it mean, that i am very low in Serotonin and GABA?

alors mon test est faussé ???,

Coach, I’m not really sure what to make of the results.

2A and 1B are almost tied and are by far the dominant total numbers wise. But the “main” is a clear type 3.

What do you think?

I used to think was a 2A/1A :sweat_smile:

That’s a pretty clear 2A… 2A and 1B are often fairly similar in that they want variety and are impatient.

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So then would you recommend that in general I slightly lean towards a 1B style of training/dieting more often?

Never even considered it as I thought my secondary was 1A so I often train like one.