The Neurotyping Test is Available

That is actually VERY similar to my own results. To me it means that when you are well recovered and not stressed out you should train like a 2A but during periods of high stress you should train like a 2B

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Coach, many thanks.

I didn’t want to bother… I was just lost and didn’t know how to proceed or even how to solve my doubts (this neuro type workouts are absolutely new), and that information is crucial for me so I can buy the correct program.

My wife didn’t have a traumatic life event in recent past, but she is under A LOT of anxiety and under some stress.

So she will use a 2B diet and a 2B training program, but with a little more exercise variation.

Once again, thanks for clarifying.


I did the test backwards, as well. Can I just reverse engineer the scores?


If so, then I’m a little stunned that the Type 2A score was so strong. Actually more than a little stunned. I thought there was a chance that I was adaptively Type 3, but more 2B when not stressed out. But to see this Type 2A score …

Not really because not all questions have the same value. Contact Jess at and told her that you answered the questionnaire the wrong way and that I told you to ask her to give you a code to do it again.

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Sous-totaux “Principaux” 29 14 51 59 46
Sous-totaux “Secondaires” 22 38 12 28 20
Sous-totaux “Autres” 19 20 22 36 25
TOTAL 70 72 85 123 91

Hey coach I was a bit surprised I scored such a high 2b and 3 score. I always liked training like a 2a and 1b. I like training to be explosive and be able to look like an athlete. Bodybuilding work like doing arms and lateral raises bores the heck outta me. I like training to move weight on big lifts while looking the part. I guess my desire to look the part is more of my type 2b side coming through. With scores like this is it more indicative of me being a 2a but shifting to a 2b ? I have a very demanding work and school schedule right now and am busy constantly. I’m interested in what your thoughts are on this. Thank you.

My instinct is that you might be a 2A but with high glutamate (which increase your type 2B traits) and that you are under a good amount of stress. Because if we look at the main 2A score (51) it is pretty darn high. Your high 2B “main” score indicate a “people pleaser” attitude which can also be found in a 2A. A 2B can also like heavy stuff when he is optimized, Paul Carter is a 2B and trained for strength for a long time.

Do you…

  • Drink a lot of commercial coffee
  • Eat fast food often
  • Eat frozen meals
  • Use glutamine

Because these all containt either glutamate (MSG) or L-glutamic acid, which is readily transformed into glutamate. Glutamine can also be easily converted to glutamate.

You can also have a vitamin B6 deficiency which would slow down the convertion of glutamate into GABA.

And if you are under a lot of stress, it can also reduce that conversion which makes the 2B traits come out.

Interesting. Yes I do drink a lot of commercial coffee probably 3-5x week and make my own coffee at home almost everyday too. Would cutting back on coffee help with the too much glutamate and or will taking something like GABA help reduce stress and anxiety ?

Well taking GABA might help, but if your problem is the conversion of glutamate into GABA it will not solve the root of your problem. Commercial coffee is the worst because they add L-glutamic acid (or even MSG). I would also recommend the active form of vitamin B6 (P5P) and gotu kola to help with the conversion.

But in the meantime, taking GABA will likely help.

Just did my test CT, I always thought i was a type 2A & the test confirmed I was! I always was the type to be a people pleaser and I couldn’t never stick to a program in the long term ( I always changed my program around)

Sous-totaux “Principaux” 36 -7 -7 8 24
Sous-totaux “Secondaires” 20 -6 6 20 26
Sous-totaux “Autres” 8 0 21 19 29
TOTAL 64 -13 20 47 79

Is it possible I answered the questions backwards as well? I thought of myself as 2A prior to taking.

Yes it is possible, quitea few people did that


I took the neurotype test twice since the first time I messed up the order of relevance of the answers and thought that 5 was the most relevant and 1 the least.

The first test got me as an 2a dominant with 3 being second scoring close.

The second test 1A dominant (???) with 1B being very close. Am I an 1A or 1B?

Considering that I did them honestly the scoring seems rational first vs second?


How can you get two different scores when taking the same test two times in a row? It’s the same questions. Did your life change completely in a few days???

No I had the ranking backwards in the first test. Scored 5 as most relevant and 1 as least relevant.
Then because the results seemed weird I retook it and read the instructions carefully.
That is why the completely different result.

In the total seems that I am 1A but in the primary category I am 1B. So what am I more?


Ah ok, I thought that you meant that you did the test a first time, backwards, then did it the correct way two times and had different results

VERY dopamine dominant with high acetylcholine, so 1B but a VERY competitive 1B

Thanks a lot…
so I will have to use the 1B profile for training and nutrition regardless than I scored higher in 1A.

Yes, that would be my professional interpretation

I like to smoke a lot of weed all the time. Any relationship between my addictive personality and the results of your assessment?

Well, it depends on the reason why you smoke. Type 3 can be attracted to weed to decrease their anxiety; they don’t become addicted to it but it helps them cope with stress.

Type 2Bs are more likely to become addicted to week. Type 1A can use it to unwind and they also have a higher addiction possibility.