The Neurotyping Test is Available

Would this be similar to your recommendation to train like a 2A and peak like a 2B? Explosive/heavy first movement and more variation in the accessories?

Thank you for going through and responding to many of these.


Yep, to me this looks like a 2A with high acetylcholine; so a 2A plan with more exercise variation would be a good developmental program and I would peak like a 1B (less volume).

Hi Ct

So im a 2b as I thought, quick Question - how would you adapt trainingfor a 2b who is doing your Dorian Yates inspired routine ? I must admit I’m getting incredible results from it- I already changed it somewhat -

  1. Less lifting days - 2 on/1 off/2 on repeat
  2. Rep ranges go up - 8-12 instead of 6-8
  3. Only ONE big compound freeweight lift per workout, the rest must be machines or isolation.

Anything I could add to make more optimal ?

Thank you!

Sounds solid. You can use intensity techniques on isolation/machine work… like rest/pause, drop sets, 10-6-10, myo reps, etc

I am unable to paste the results here, but from 1a to 3, I scored 64,-13, 20, 47, 79. I am guessing this means 2a? Seems extreme.

Hello Coach,
thank you for the making the test available for us. Could you please help me clarify the results from the point of training periodization? I know, that under stress situations (primarily in work) I´m a type 3, but I would say If I´m not under a high-level stress level I´m exactly opposite of myself. I would say really funny, open and happy versus depressed and slightly pessimistic while being under a high level of stress over a longer period of time for example exams in school.

From a training perspective, I would say I do not feel confident doing 1RM or 2RM attempts on basic lifts. But doing 3RM,4RM,5RM is ok for me, because of a feeling I can always do at least RM-1 rep and therefore not get stuck under a 1RM weight :).

Thank You, if you can find a minute for a reply, Jan.

the whole time I was thinking, I‘m type 1b - 2a. Because I need variation in everything. I get bored easily. But now I‘m confused.

Hi, Coach,

I need some help.

Me and my wife took the neurotyping test and her results were odd.

The result was: dominance type 2B with dominance type 1B.

Socially, I can clearly see her as a 2B, but not in sports. She is good at explosive work, has a good motor control and coordination and loves playful training sessions (like a 2A, but I think that that is why she shows dominance in 1B). She would love crossfit, but with less complex moviments (like a 1B or 2A?).

On the other hand, she hates multitasking (contrary to 1B) and can almost forget the rest of the world exists when doing something (lika a 1A).

Therefore, the test shows dominance 2B and 1B, but she sees herself as a 2A in sports, I see more on her from 1A than from 1B (because of the non multitask and “forget the world” thing), but I would call her a 2B socially.

She loves yoga and gymnastics, and hates bodybuilding (she doen’t like barbell/dumbell work).

Is this mess a sign that she is a 2A? How can I know?


Hi CT,

This got me alittle confused:
Is 2A more my type, or how should i proceed from this:


Yep, when you have 4 scores almost alike it is a2A 9/10. 2A are mimickers and can thus adopt any personality depending on the situation


I think I can safely say I’m 2A correct?

@jcmcnorton- I would say CTs reply, above, applies to you, also.

@believer423 thanks mate. A wealth of knowledge as always.

am i more like a 2A too ?

@jcmcnorton, while that may or may not be sarcasm, it made me laugh just the same.

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No, this would be 1B

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@Christian_Thibaudeau out of interest, how would the scores affect how you recommended I train? With such close scores in 2A/2B - would that have an effect?

Nobody can help me? @Christian_Thibaudeau?

The 2 kinds of training (1B and 2B) are very different. I don’t know how to proceed.


  1. I want to help as many people as possible on this forum, but I do have a life outside of it and on some days I’m extremely busy. For example Friday I travelled to give a seminar and my flight was delayed by 8h because of a shortage of air traffic controlers(because of the shutdown). Then Saturday/Sunday I gave a seminar. Left for Canada on Monday morning BUT was stuck at Toronto’s airport from noon… they kept delaying my flight (weather), and they finally cancelled it at 10pm (so I was at the airport for 8 hours). So I had to find an hotel in Toronto, none was available (300 flights were cancelled). After 90 minutes I finally found one 90 minutes away… but when I got to the taxi line, over 300 people were waiting. Took me 90 more minutes to get a cap.

THEN the next day my flight was supposed to be a 2pm, get delayed and delayed… thought it would be cancelled again but we finally left at 11pm and I arrived home at 1:30am… then had to drive an hour in horrible weather.

  1. As I said, I want to help people out. But I mentioned months ago that this couldn’t be a “neurotyping clinic”; I can’t evaluate everybody one on one … we sold over 600 tests the first 2 days. If everybody came to ask for an personalised eval it would be war.

But your score is unusual. Did you have a traumatic life event in the recent past? I’m asking because your scores are very similar to my wife’s. She is a 1B but her 2B score is equal to the 1B score. She had 2 tremendously stressful events that made her 2B side come out more.

BUT from your score you do seem to be more 2B BUT with high acetylcholine. The “principal” score for a 1B is related to acetylcholine. It is very high for you, but the other 1B scores are low. On the other hand your 2B scores seem to be higher on average. And the fact that your type 3 score is high does show that you are more anxious/and overthinker, which is uncommon for a 1B.

So I would say that you are a type 2B BUT with high acetylcholine which makes you a bit better with explosive movements than a “normal” 2B and you also can use more exercise variation than a regular 2B.