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The Neurotyping Test is Available


Interesting. I immediately gravitated to Type 3 when the first articles came out - never athletic/strong, meticulous, fact-based, etc. But identify with a lot of 2B things as well, needing validation and masterfully creating hypothetical scenarios in my head - though not overly emotional and don’t typically have sleep trouble (insomnia periods sure, but only a few days at a time). I wonder if the “need to get all the facts” lead me to read every neurotyping post to desperately try to make a definitive assessment! So I guess we’re firmly in the 3 camp. Merci beaucoup CT, c’est incroyable savoir ceci choses sur moi meme!


Yep, that would be my assessment. Most 2As go to a 2B profile in stressful/uncomfortable situation


Mon instinct est de dire que tu es un 2A mais avec haute acetylcholine (ce qui explique le haut score 'principal en 1B")… Point de vue training autant le programme 2A que 1B, que Powerbuilding que Conjugate bodybuilding vont bien marcher.


Actually in your case I would say that you could very well be 1B (you scored through the roof inthe principal category). The principal is the most important one, the one that applies the mostl exclusively to the neurotype. That is the one drawback of automatization, but only evaluate the dominaice with an algorythm, and it will work in 90% of the cases. But in a case like this my assessment would be dopamine dominant, serotonine as main inhibitor and high acetylcholine, which is 1B.


Just took the test and as expected, I came out Type 3. I was just wondering if there was anything I could take away from the fact that my 1B principle score is very high? I will say I’ve never been a fan of high reps. Could this be why?


Would you say the same could be true of 2B shifting toward 3 in stressful situations? I’ve started to wonder how much of my Type 3-ness is adaptive (I think I’ve heard you mention the potential for this phenomenon before) …


Ct do you think im real 1b ?


Hi coach,

Just touching base


Merci beaucoup de ton temps et
Bonne continuité


Excellent thank you coach !


It means that your acetylcholine levels are high. Normally that is more of a 1B or 2A trait, but everybody can have it. The “principaux” category for 1B is mostly indicative of high acetylcholine.


So training in a combo of Type 3 and Type 1B might work then?


Hi Coach,

Thanks for the test, just a quick question, should I teain like a 1b and peak like a 2a? Spirt is olympic weightlifting.



I would program the main lift of the day like the main lift in the 915 program. And would change the assistance exercises every 3 weeks. Doing 2 assistance exercises and 1 remedial/isolation movements (plus the main lift). Training 3-4 days a week.


Train like a 2A and peak like a 1B.

2A is “chinese-like” olympic lifting training. Main lift heavy, 2 assistance exercises for slightly higher reps and more general strength work (pulls, deadlifts, presses), using various methods like heavy partials, isometrics, eccentrics, etc. and some bodybuilding work at the end of the sessions.

1B is “Russian-like” olympic lifting training. Lower volume than Chinese, no bodybuilding work. Main lift heavy, more specific assistance work (lifts from the hang/blocks, power variations)


Perfect, thanks coach


Of course I say “Chinese-like” because you shouldn’t do as much volume.

Something like…

Main lift of the day (snatch or clean & jerk)
Strength exercise (squat, front squat, deadlift, snatch deadlift, press, push press, etc.)
Special strength exercise (heavy partials, pulls from blocks, accentuated eccentrics)
Bodybuilding work

Main lift (snatch or clean & jerk)
Variation of the “other lift” (snatch variation if clean & jerk was main, and vice versa)
Speed-strength exercise (pulls with 80-90% of lift, speed squats, jumps, jump squats, etc.)
Squat variation


2A phase
3 x 3 weeks

1B phase
2 x 3 weeks

Deload 1 week

Total 16 weeks


Thanks so much coach. I will put that into practice.


How important is this type of information? I’m fairly new to lifting and curious how helpful this information would be?