The Neurotyping Test is Available

I know many people have been anxious to get their hands on this! It’s available on CT’s website. Curious to see what people are :stuck_out_tongue:

Just ordered. We only need one test right?

Might be a stupid question, but something is telling me I should ask

You might be 2A, then. Haha :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I just took the test and here are my scores:

Sous-totaux “Principaux” -15 9 23 31 6
Sous-totaux “Secondaires” 2 4 12 38 14
Sous-totaux “Autres” 5 34 17 25 7
TOTAL -8 47 52 94 27

It looks like I’m a clear 2B but find that kind of training really boring. I hate pump work and love explosive work that changes a lot. Any ideas on how to manage making progress and still having fun while training? Thanks to all

Here’s my results. It says I’m 1A but could also be 2A because I have close number results. Does anyone know if that means to train as a 2A?

Type 1A-139
Type 1B-102
Type 2A-127
Type 2B-117
Type 3-98

That is an unusual score. Not only because of the two high scores, but the fact that 4 scores are very high. In that case my gut instinct, and my experience doing live assessment would lead me to believe that you are in fact a 2A but that you have a fairly high self-esteem, likely because you worked on it or had a good level of success in recent years. I would train you as a 2A BUT with more heavy work than a regular 2A, mostly on the main lift of the day.


Thank you for replying. Would the volume stay the same as per the 2A? Possibly the mental health issues I added below could be the reason for the unusual results?

I have bipolar and BPD traits.

Hi Coach,

I swear I’ll never bug you regarding this, but I’m in the dark here

I thought I might be a 2A, I actually took the clominger (spelling) test and the guy thought so too…

I’m a people person at heart so to see that come in 3rd is surprising…

Type 1b that’s what i tought

Yep that makes sense. I would doabout 75% the volume of a 2A.

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Well I would say that it’s more a tie for 2nd. we aren’t always great at evaluating ourselves. BUT I suspect that you might have answered subconsciously to make you look better (common for 2As and 2Bs) because a high score in the “principal” category for 1A mostly refers to leadership skills and needing to be in be in the lead.

I’ve had hundreds do the test and it gives a correct evaluation (compared to my in-person eval) 90% of the time. But sometimes, because of personal bias, subconscious need to make yourself look better, not knowing yourself as well as you thought, or the mindset you were when you did the test, the score might not represent your true self. That happens in around 10% of the cases.

Awesome, thanks again!

Were you in a “high” state (not high as high on drugs, you know what I mean) when you did the test? Because that would explain the elevated 1A score

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Coach if you have relatively even scores in 2 closely related types, for instance Type 2A and Type 2B both have scores around 110, would that possibly mean Type 2A but in a stressed state ?

Yes, I seem to be coming out of a depression I’ve been in for months. The past week or so I’ve been feeling better each day. So when I’m “up” I’m typical hypomanic or manic behaving. Also, when I’m not in any episode I’m usually more on the “up” side naturally.

I forgot to add I have insomnia, always bored very easily unless hyperfocused on a particular new thing, and can spend hours at the gym which eventually causes burnout and I have to scale back. This can demotivate me and I need excitement to start again.

Hi Coach, I recently purchased your conjugate bodybuilding program and plan to run it after the 12 week program I’m currently on. Given that I tested pretty strongly as a 2B, which surprised me I thought I was a 2A and enjoy training for strength with changing things a lot, is this a good program for me to run? Do you have any suggestions on how I could tweak it to be more optimal for me as a 2B? Also I have to train for my PT test for work and would like to know how to incorporate running, push-ups and sit-ups into this plan.

What do the 3 categories in the column signify? Curious because I thought I’d be type 1b and my low score in the secondary row says otherwise.

Bonjour M. Thibaudeau,

Je vient tout juste de faire le test de Neurotyping et j’aimerais confirmé que mon style est bien le Type 1B avant de commander un entrainement personnalisé sur votre site .

Merci de m’éclairer