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The Netherlands


I'm going to out that way in a couple months visiting some family and as it is a mecca for kick-boxing and Dutch-style-Thai-boxing, I'd really like to do some training while I'm there.

Anyone have any advice about how to make that happen?

My experience in the US has been that it's pretty causal here... if I'm staying out of town for a week, chances are I know someone who knows somewhere to train in the area, and it's no big deal to pop in, often not even having to pay...

...what does one expect in Amsterdam? Anyone been (to train) or live there have any advice?

Thanks in advance.


Never been or lived but i would sell a liver to train at Golden Glory or Mike's Gym


I would say just swing by one of those clubs, but make sure to get the adress right for Mike's Gym. The old location burned down last year I think.

You can also make a post on www.mixfight.nl where you explain your situation and what you would like to do. People on there are pretty helpful and will be able to give the right adresses and stuff like that.
If you don't get it orso you can post in this thread and I can translate for you.

I can't help you with what kind of people train there since I am from Belgium, but I can translate all you need.


Oh well... just found out my job is disappearing in the next month or so...

...so probably not going to have the money to do this anyways.

God I wish I could support myself fighting.


Really harsh, hope you find a new job soon.



Thanks, I think I'm smoothing out the transition, and actually will be getting away from consulting for the government, and into something health/fitness related...

...so if it works out it will be good.

Also looks like the trip is probably still going to happen... crossing my fingers at least...


quote for truth


I would just like to point out that he said "a liver", not "my liver". This is the proper attitude for a fighter. Make the other guy wake up different.

Well done kaisermetal.


Robert A


Giving this a bump in case anyone who hadn't seen it sees it...

I'm going to end up winging it (and probably getting distracted) if I can't set something up ahead of time.

All advice appreciated.


Hey Dude, I used to live in A'dam and while I don't know anything about fighting, one of the personal trainers at Phillip Lloyd on Overtoom was into MMA. His name was Massis. Maybe it helps?


Because this is a Dutch thread, I thought a Bas Rutten reference was appropriate:

Protect your leeever!


Yep I do (except I took a break for fighting). What do you exactly want to know? Or.. is it too late already lol?


little late


Ah sorry man, I wasn't aware of the combat section on T-Nation by the time. How did it workout?


Dont forget to explore & enjoy the Amsterdams red light district! :wink:)


This pretty much: