The Need for a Good Watch

Im curious as to what would be a good digital wrist watch to use to replace my crappy $3 watch.

I was thinking of something that could beep every X seconds and beep again every Y seconds…for rest intervals (and Tabatas) and all of that. I hope that makes sense. Anyways, Im not gonna throw any names out there, but Im willing to spend about $50 on one.

What do you all suggest?

Hard to beat a Timex Ironman.

Agreed. Get an Ironman and program intervals to your heart’s content. Try eBay for really good deals.

sounds good guys, thanks.

What would be a good model to get?

I looked at Ironmans recently and was surpised to find out there were over 50 available, but most do the same thing. Just get one with a rubber band, not metal or cloth.

yeah, seems rather daunting if you ask me. Thats a lot of choices…

I think I found a good bet on EBay though, and Im most likely gonna go that route. Thanks a lot for the advice guys!

A G-Shock is very basic but you will never need another watch again.

[quote]Sybold wrote:
A G-Shock is very basic but you will never need another watch again.[/quote]

Yeah, they are damn near indestructible.

I like my Suunto Advizor.

I got a brand new Casio Illuminator that costs something like $90 in the store for $9.95 (plus shipping) on Ebay. Ebay rules.