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The Neckline Slimmer!


It is freaking unbelievable how people come up with this junk.


It seems as the economy plummets, more and more of these ridiculous devices and gizmos are introduced to the market. They must be selling, somehow.

“Well, shit…GM just fired me, my pension has been wiped out, my future job prospects look dismal…I may as well trim up my flabby neckline! Better get 3 of those!”


I saw an advertisment today for a shit ticket holder to wipe your ass with.Kinda like something swifa would sell…about a foot long with a plunger at the end to let go of the tissue.


Who is the more stupid, the person who invented it, or the lame ass who will buy it? You do realize some moron will actually purchase this.


Can’t forget the Wearable Towel either


Other companies are cutting back on advertising, there are more informercials on the air today than ever.


[quote]abcd1234 wrote:
Can’t forget the Wearable Towel either


Is that the Snuggy? That thing that makes you look like Friar Tuck?


I want my 2 minutes back. I could have used that more productively for scratching my ass.


i would actually use this to get a jacked neck


[quote]abcd1234 wrote:
Can’t forget the Wearable Towel either


lol I like how its a toga