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The Necessary Supps for Weight Loss/Muscle Gain?


I am 22 year old female, height 173cm, weight 80kg, last time I checked my body fat was around 21%. I am mostly satisfied with my body, currently working on toning legs, building bigger butt, and working on my weak spot - my belly and waist.
I try to go to the gym 4-5x a week, it consists of sprint intervals, HIIT, leg day, glute day, full body workouts.

I am looking for advice - what supplements are really really necessary to weight loss & muscle gain? I am not a big fan of all these pre workouts, pills, powders, especially those that are full of sweeteners. I am more into natural products. At the moment I take The Protein Works-Naked protein powder which I have after the gym, and sometimes as a snack.

I’d like to keep it simple and as clean as possible. Can you guys please help me with this, as I feel like something is missing, I do work very hard and try to eat as good & clean as possible, but my belly doesn’t seem to melt!

Thanks guys!


The missing link is never supplements!

are you eating at a deficit?

what did you eat yesterday?

Can you be more specific about your training?

what’s your activity level outside the gym?

what do your liquid calories look like? Any alcohol or fizzy drinks?

how much water

what’s your progress been like so far? Could it just require more time?

lots more to be looked at before supplements

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No supps necessary especially your age.
Saying that Hot Rox preworkout is good for stubborn fat if training hard(which sounds like you are)

A Greens supp with meals can be good also.

Maybe try changing up your program -tons of effective programs on this site…

  1. Not too sure if it is a deficit, but my weekdays are pretty much a routine:
    6.30am breakfast: mostly don’t really feel like eating, so I have protein mug cake from The protein works, with greek yogurt and sometimes peanut butter
    at work at 9am I eat homemade oat flapjack (with coconut oil, coconut flakes, eggs, bit of honey- I’d say it’s healthy)
    12pm is lunch time, these days I love oven baked salmon with either bulgur wheat, sweet potatoes or rice (
    2.30pm snack: hummus, veggie sticks and wholewheat bread.
    4pm apple or banana or raw fruit bar before gym
    6pm dinner: mostly just some rice and meat, or eggs and avocado.

The weekday treat is 85% chocolate, only a little piece, maybe every other day.

On the weekend it’s not as big routine and different foods, although I try to eat as clean as possible. Once a week there is takeaway night (mostly just chinese noodles and meat, not a fan of fried food)

  1. I love to train legs and glutes, so I look for supersets online inspirations and then do it at the gym. Mostly I love it and keep the workout at least for month, then change it for a bit. I love Grit classes by Les Mills (once a week), then I do HIIT that I do by myself (inspirations from Insanity workout-I put tough and favourite exercises together). At home once a week I do TRX workout for upper body. Mostly it is: Sunday Grit class followed by class that does legs and abs, Monday is mainly rest, Tuesday is 35min sprint intervals, Wednesday glutes day, Thursday sprints, abs, and TRX, Friday is rest, Saturday is heavy leg day.

  2. the weekday outside the gym activities are not so much - mostly it’s raining here anyway. Weekends are better as I like to get out for walks or hikes. Also during the winter I’ll start rock climbing in hangar.

  3. Mostly I drink only water, or squeeze lemon in water, I drink pu-erh tea which I love (also it helps if I am bloated for some reason. No fizzy drinks at all, I drink maybe one glass a wine a week. Mostly it’s none though. Daily it’s 2.5l of water, + to add at least a few cups of pu-erh tea.

  4. the biggest progress and how I started my fitness/weight loss journey was completing 60 day Insanity workout, it helped me lose weight and gain a lot of strength. 2 years ago I put my focus on this popular ‘bootybuilding’ I have made a lot of progress here, before and after pictures show a big difference.
    I consider myself as strong overall, it’s just my belly that has been there probably since I was 15. It has always been up and downs with me, once I can start seeing results in my belly I stop trying as much (as if I reached my goal - I know - silly). Overall, I am happy with myself, there is just this belly. I don’t have any other fat folds.

Hope that all makes sense

Great reply, nice to see a bit of effort put in when seeking help!

The advise regarding supplements is still exactly the same

the only real issue I see is that your chasing two goals. Which is fine when you first start out and have a lot of weight to lose, it’s possible to drop fat and build up a bit of muscle.

when it comes down to that last bit off a stubborn area it isn’t going anywhere without a specific cutting phase. At the moment you are eating very well and training right to achieve your bootybuilding and having great success. Stick with that until your where you want to be them worry about those last stubborn areas then

save the supplement money for a well respected prep coach when you decide to target that last bit of weight.

There are changes you could make now to your diet and training outlook to help lose the tummy but progress in the other department will take a big hit.

Keep it up and good luck

Oh thanks! And thanks for your help as well.

I am a bit aware of that I’d like to sort out 2 issues at once, sometimes I do really get frustrated about me trying so hard and not seeing any real results that I did consider personal trainer already. But yes, it might be the best thing to do a bit later on.

Thanks a lot!!

No problem, I’m sure if this post was in the bigger stronger leaner section there would be more people to give advice.

Figure out which goal is of most importance to you right now and as long as your honest with yourself about your efforts in the gym and your diet then you will achieve. It may be an idea to count calories more accurately for a short period as it will make things much easier to adjust down the line.