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The Nebraska Model


I’d like to preface this by saying that I am not looking to move off of my linear progression yet. This is just a learning exercise because I am interested in all of the different programs listed in Practical Programming in Strength Training by Mark Rippetoe.

Has anyone ever worked on the Nebraska Model? I know that many people don’t think it is great to work on both olympic lifts and power lifts because you won’t be a master in either, but what if you are trying to be a strong and powerful athlete in another sport and this is just your path to success.

Does the Nebraska Model give great results? I’m not sure that top of the line 18 year olds are the best judgement for whether a program works or not because, as Ripp says again…, they are going to succeed on whatever program you put them on.

Is this a young man’s workout or is this something that can replace the Texas Method if the recovery time is not enough in that program?

If you don’t know what it is:

Monday - Power Snatch 2 x 6, Power Clean 3 x 6, Rack Jerk 2 x 3
Tuesday - Squat 5 x 5, Bench Press/Press 5 x 5, Barbell Rows 4 x 8/ Chins 3-5x8+
Thursday - Power Snatch 1 x 5, Power Clean 1 x 5, Rack Jerk 1 x 5
Friday or Saturday - Squat 5RM, Bench Press/Press 5RM, Deadlift 5RM

(Bench Press and Press alternated week to week)
(Barbell Rows and Chins alternated week to week)

I like both power and olympic lifts and I think that, eventually, I might transition to this workout plan.



Looks fine. If you think you’ll enjoy it, then try it.

I feel like you’ve been around this forum long enough now to have learned there is no best program, and the key is to pick one that will motivate you to get in the gym consistently over a period of time.

Personally, I’d find that boring as hell and it doesn’t have any of the vanity stuff I like in a program, so it wouldn’t work for me. If you like brief, heavy workouts then it’d suit you perfectly.


saw the name of the thread. Thought it was gonna be a thread about a hot chick from Nebraska. very disappoint.


Hey @tickletackletock, I also love doing both powerlifting and oly movements so I can relate. That is a solid base for a combined program. I would add some muscular imbalance work to the end of each workout to prevent injuries. I would also make sure to add some “cardio” of some kind. I prefer to do this by way of sled push, farmer carries, etc. Good luck!


Thanks. I love farmer carries! Ill think about the kinds of muscular imbalance exercises I can add.



This program looks awesome. I like both, so I’d love to do this sometime.

My only hesitation is that I’d be in the gym for hours with these workouts.

EDIT: This is one my first posts since i got back, so let me flesh it out more too @tickletackletock

Other than each session taking really long, I think ramping up on the oly lifts would take some time. If you’re interested in learning, you should get involved with a coach/class/program in your area.

I first did oly after doing some 5/3/1 and got really good progress in overall strength gains and learning the movements. Oly lifting should be def done with a coach, or at least a team.


@SOUL_FIGHTER I’ve been doing Oly lifts for 17 years. My biggest issue was having to relearn how to move because of my foot reconstruction last year. It threw everything off. I had attempted to share my progress and ask for advice on here but I didn’t like the overall attitude on those threads so I stopped sharing.

I love the OLY lifts but I also love the POWER lifts. That is what drew me to this. If my workouts took me 2 hours, including warm up, then I’d be fine. I am currently doing the advanced Novice workouts from the Starting Strength workout and I am really leaning towards this workout somewhere in the next six months.


Oh my bad! Yeah, you should be all set then.