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The Nautilus Book

ED: just a quick note pointing out how perfect your communication is in this blast from the past. The version I’m looking at is 1990, tho i had earlier ones. The way you chunked information with headings, bullet points, sections, broken up with photos and diagrams, makes this incredibly readable, especially compared to the glut of overwritten, border to border, single space, tiny font containers of crap content from others around today.
I also have my original N Bodybuilding Book, 1982, with Joe Means on the cover, the Mentzer foreword. 40 years old and the glue in the binding dried out. Is this to make me buy another? :wink:
Seriously, truly great pieces of instruction and communication.



I’m impressed with your new publications. They are detailed and your illustrations are different and interesting. I hope they do well and are still prevalent in 2050.

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