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A Proven Sexual Performance Supplement

Whether you use sex for procreation or recreation, this herb makes everything better, from libido to erections to fertility.

We’ve always known that Longjack (Buy at Amazon) (Tongkat Ali or Eurycoma Longifolia) raised testosterone levels. We knew it prevented testosterone from converting to estrogen, and we knew it freed up bound testosterone so that it was available to muscles. We also knew Tongkat Ali led to better erections, but we thought that was just a nice side effect of the testosterone-fueled boost in libido.

Now we know that Longjack increases erectile strength through an entirely separate mechanism that works independently of testosterone. When combined with its other attributes, that qualifies Longjack as an herb that could legitimately be called an aphrodisiac.

Elevated Testosterone and More

Up until recently, we thought that Longjack’s sexual effects were solely related to two particular quassinoids. These two quassinoids – eurycomanone and 13-alpha- (21) dihydro eurycomanone – elevate levels of luteinizing hormone (LH) and follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH), which direct the testes to crank out more testosterone.

Longjack increases testosterone levels further through two additional biochemical mechanisms. It both blocks the conversion of testosterone to estradiol (thus ensuring higher levels of testosterone) and selectively controls the conversion of DHEA to testosterone.

That explains why we thought Longjack led to better erections. Little did we know that a separate mechanism was involved, one that’s far more reliable than just what might occur with elevated T levels.

Erectile Integrity

An erection is a marvel of hydraulics. Initially, an excitatory thought or external stimulus sends chemical messages to the arteries in your penis. The arteries relax and allow a tremendous amount of blood to flow in. The veins then constrict, which pressurizes the penis and sends it skyward.

One of the chemical messages that instigates erections is nitric oxide. Another is a family of chemicals known as rho kinases (ROCKs). When you inhibit ROCK, you get bigger and stronger erections. Longjack inhibits ROCK-2, an action that might explain the herb’s use as an “aphrodisiac” and to treat sexual disorders. (Shahira) The strong erections attained through Longjack use might also be the result of synergism between elevated testosterone and ROCK-2 inhibition.

Despite all that happy news, there’s more to a healthy reproductive system than elevated serum levels of testosterone and firm erections. There’s also fertility. Longjack plays a big role in that, too.

Firing Blanks

Almost 15% of US couples are infertile and about half the time the problem lies with the man. One meta-analysis revealed a general downward trend in sperm count and semen volume over the last 50 years. Numerous studies, however, found that Longjack increases human and animal semen volume, sperm count, and sperm motility:

  • One study showed that daily doses of 300 mg. of Longjack led to higher scores in erectile function domain, sexual libido, seminal fluid analysis, sperm motility, and semen volume. (Ismail. et al)
  • The sperm counts of rats at varying doses of Longjack increased by 78.9, 94.3, and 99.2 % over control. (Chan, et al)
  • In men 40-65 years old, 12 weeks of Longjack supplementation led to significant improvements in scores for “sexual intercourse attempts,” erection hardness scale, sexual health inventory, and the aging male symptom scale. (Chan, et al)
  • Longjack increased spermatogenesis and sperm counts of rats in 14 days, reversing the effects of estrogen. (Wahab, et al)
  • 350 patients who were given 200 mg. of Longjack per day showed significant improvements in all semen parameters, allowing for 14.7% more “spontaneous” pregnancies. (Tambi and Imran)
  • Male rats given Longjack increased testosterone concentrations by up to 30.2%, along with exhibiting increases in total sperm concentration, motility, and vitality. (Solomon, et al)

How To Use Longjack

First, use the LJ-100 version. LJ100 Longjack was developed and patented by the Government of Malaysia and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. In short, it’s the one that works.

Second, only use the kind formulated in a self-emulsifying delivery matrix designed to get all active fractions into the body. The microemulsion is a game-changer for complete absorption.

Omega-Man (Buy at Amazon) contains only verified LJ100 material. It contains 300mg of LJ100 per softgel. You only need one softgel per day.

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Great post!! I’ve heard and read so many different things about vital herbal Tongkat Ali, like how it improves sleep, increases test, and increase T levels, you get the point. Any guys have tried it before? does it good?

Yeah, it does all those things…but I guess I don’t count cuz’ I wrote the article. :wink:


T.A. is a no go on TRT


Didnt do anything for me unfortunately, tried everything before going to TRT.

It is important to note that an increase in testosterone with TA happens gradually and over weeks and that for some people the effects will be QUITE notifiable and in others, not s much.
It does not compare to TRT of course, much less a steroid cycle but then again, it isn’t suppose to REPLACE testosterone production, only enhance it.
Andrew Huberman had a whole podcast on TA.

This stuff 100% works. I was working out 7 days a week on CrossFit and draining my T levels to the point where I couldn’t hold erections and my libido was down significantly (I’m only 32). I started taking this along with the P-Well supplement and I feel like I’m 16 again and that’s no exaggeration. I also used to wake up in the middle of the night to urinate and would have pains in my lower abdomen and that has all gone away as well. I’ve been taking these supplements for over 3 months. This has become a crucial part to my supplementation and has helped me to realize the importance of keeping T levels up!

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Absolutely correct.

Great! Thanks for the feedback.

Hey TC, some articles online suggest that you should cycle Tongkat. Do you recommend this? Thanks, great article.

Sure, we recommend that our Alpha Male product that’s got the bestest, purest, strongest Tongkat Ali in it, be cycled: 5 days on, 2 days off. (Thanks!)

Hey TC,

Question regarding what the effects are coming off of this supplement. I’m a 41 year out of shape male who is back in the gym, but still with a long ways to go. I know that as I get in better shape provided my sleep and nutrition is good my hormone levels will change.

If I supplement with this now while my hormones are out of whack, will my hormone levels be messed up when I come off it. Can this serve as a temporary crutch until my other ducks are in a row?


Is this preferred over the 4 days on 3 off? Wasn’t that a option in the past?

I don’t understand this response. I thought the marketing material stated clearly that Omega-Man can be taken everyday and NOT cycled. The old Alpha Male was a 5 day on and 2 day off cycle as TC said. It was never 4/3 cycle.

So, Alpha Male had 100 mg of Eurycoma Longifolia (which I guess is the same as saying Tongkat Ali or Longjack). It seems like it was not the best version of Tongkat Ali in Alpha Male because that is what “LJ100 Longjack” is and is in the new Omega-Man. Is that correct?

And Omega-Man drops the Tribulus Terristris because with the better version of Tongkat Ali (i.e., LJ100) at 300 mgs, you don’t need it. Is that correct?

Omega-Man also drops the 20 mgs of Forskolin that was in Alpha Male. Does it make any sense to still take Carbolin 19 that has 400 mg of “Forskolin Delivery Matrix” if one is taking Omega-Man daily? Is there any additional benefit? If so, should Carbolin 19 be taken daily with NO cycling?

I’m 59 years old next month and have been taking Alpha Male (5/2 cycle) since it came out and take Carbolin 19 only on the weekends (when I’m not taking Alpha Male). I think the results have been great and have allowed me to stay away from any TRT because the results are good enough for me. I’m really hoping that Omega-Man performs as well or better. I’m just a bit confused by this transition of products and a little nervous frankly. I have started taking Omega-Man as I run out my last bottle of Alpha Male.

I use a wide array of Biotest products and have been for years. I’m a huge fan and even have my daughters supplementing with Metabolic Drive. So, please take this post as a well-meaning request to really understand what is going on with the product.


It works

I have tried several supplements to boost T Levels and this is the best I have come across.

I haven’t tried this particular brand, but I regularly use Nootropics Depot’s 10% Tongkat Ali extract (standardize to 10% eurycomanone - the primary active ingredient). Tongkat Ali one of the best supplements I’ve ever taken; noticeably better workouts, improved recovery times, and a totally caveman sex drive…seriously, my girlfriend is getting worn out. I was prescribed Adderall for ADHD about 6 months ago, and while life-changing, it is a total boner-killer. This stuff brought it right back to where it should be, and more. It’s not for everyone, though…one of the benefits of this supplement is that it lowers cortisol; in some people too much, and they get lethargic and foggy-headed. Another thing about estrogen, though…it is incredibly important for a lot of things in our bodies to function properly, and in some people, their estrogen goes too low with TA. If you do decide to try it, pay attention to things like joint pain, etc. as that could indicate your E2 is getting a little low.

From what I understand, this isn’t so much of a “test-boosting” supplement as it is a “test-freeing” supplement. Yes, it works in part by directing certain systems to produce more test, but most of my research shows that it works primarily by reducing SHBG (sex hormone binding globulin), which binds itself to androgens so your body can’t utilize it. This increases free testosterone, which is where the benefits come from.

It certainly doesn’t hurt to try it, as virtually all of the potential negative sides are not only incredibly rare, but quickly reversible. Good luck!

BUMP to see if can get a response to my earlier questions regarding Omega-Man.