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The Nation's Cruelest Immigration Law?


What do you think of Alabama's new immigration law?

Are the Archbishop, Bishop, and other leaders right in suing Alabama? Or, is Alabama right?

Let's have a civil discourse here folks! Thanks.


I don't see any problem whatsoever with this law. The only potential problem I see is the potential criminalization of charitable acts by the church(es) but honestly I do not see some overzealous bureaucrat trying to do that to the Church. I think that should be amended, other than that, it's fine.

Incidentally, the very definition of the phrase "illegal immigrant" is that of one who has broken laws to get into the country. So I have no sympathy whatsoever. And yes, businesses who knowingly employ illegals should be penalized heavily.


Incidentally, this sort of law is not deemed "cruel and unusual" in the "enlightened" social democracies of Europe. In fact similar laws are the NORM. If you get hurt in many countries there as an illegal immigrant or one whose visa has expired---they patch you up in the ER and then deport your ass ASAP. So again I have no sympathy. This isn't unusual at all in other advanced countries.


Eh, it's a little harsh. I think denying them work is sufficient to get rid of them. I think it's a little much punishing people who treat them with kindness in keeping 'love thy neighbor' is over the top. But creating an environment where they self deport is the best case scenario. I like the idea of stripping business license who knowingly hire them.

The problem is that technically, they have no rights. So it's kind of hard to violate their rights. Can't say I blame them for wanting them out....Here in GA they have caused all kinds of problems and really stressed the infrastructure to it's breaking point.

Can't say I blame them for wanting to leave Mexico. I never want to step foot on Mexican soil. It's just a shit hole.


John 10: 1-2

1 ?Very truly I tell you Pharisees, anyone who does not enter the sheep pen by the gate, but climbs in by some other way, is a thief and a robber. 2 The one who enters by the gate is the shepherd of the sheep.




Even better, SCOTUS has already ruled this is constitutional, to check immigration status without probable cause.


I am not sure about that, if people like Cynthia McKinney can get elected, an over zealous bureaucrat can indeed go after a Church.


I'm all for it. If I went down to Baja illegally (without a visa) to live and work and I rented a house and worked for some fisherman, it would be on me if immigrations found out and booted my ass out of the country and confiscated everything I owned. Or say the person renting me "my" house wanted to renege on the contract and throw me out on my ass, I understand that I have no legal recourse. That legal recourse was given up the second I illegally set foot in Mexico. I could be simply walking down the road but I'd be illegally walking down that road. I could be shopping at a supermarket but I'd be illegally shopping at that supermarket. Everything you do in a country you snuck into is illegal. I don't understand what part about "illegal" immigration people don't understand. Ugh...forget it.

Cliff notes: Illegal immigrant is illegal


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Can't something be illegal but not criminal?

Such as all things that are criminal are illegal, but not all illegal things are criminal?


Yeah, I was gonna say...maybe the priests misheard the good Lord?


Are you saying that immigrants are false guides and heretics? That they deceive those yet not converted to Jesus, who is the gate? Can you explain?




Governance is legitimate. To govern, there must be citizens. The state has legitimate authority to enforce it's borders in the interest of it's citizens. Also, we HAVE a legal immigration policy.


First off, clearly specify if you mean legal or illegal immigrants, and we can go from there.


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No. To break the law is a criminal act. That's what a crime is. A breach of the law. Lesser offences are classified as 'misdemeanors' but are still criminal offences. Someone who illegally enters another country is committing a serious criminal offence and it is the duty of any state to secure its own borders.

See above. I must say you seem to have a strange view of 'cruelty' what with the Hernando Cortes apologetics on the one hand and the title of this thread on the other.


Illegal immigrants.


Well, they have decriminalized stuff without making it still illegal. I'm not understand what you mean by mental gymnastics?

And, how do you know that illegal immigrants broke into a country? And, did so without permission?