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The naked old fat man Phenomenon explained?!

There was an old thread
that got bumped recently called ‘Gym Freaks’ and it got me thinking, particularly this bit:
“and why do the old fat bastards find it necessary to walk around with their towels around their shoulders rather than covering their fat ass? i dont get it”

Well came across some recent research that may explain this phenomenon:

UK’s London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine surveyed over 40,000 individuals. Respondents were asked to rate a series of paired photographs according to how disgusting they found each one. The researchers found “Disgust is a form of evasive action to protect us against signs of threat, such as disease. Women and younger people showed the greatest sensitivity. As reproductive ability declines with age, so does disgust.”

So it would seem that as these fat old men age and become even more impotent and infertile, they’re digust levels wane until they feel perfectly comfortable walking around naked displaying they’re rotten wares for all to see.

So anyone got any alternative ideas as to why they do it? Any old fat men out there that do this please would you care to explain your actions?

Maybe they’re just looking for blow jobs?

what’s really odd is that creed goes around thinking about old naked men.

Good one BEdz.

Creed, I think it has more to do with being fat than being old. Fat guys can’t see their peanut whistles obscured by their beer bellies so they don’t realize how stupid they look.


I think you nailed it on the head. It probably is more to do with fatness. And while I avoid the locker room at my gym like I do soy pudding, on occasion I do have to go through it. And, if I recall, I have on many occasions seen young lardos walking around naked and displaying their own lack of disgust.

Also, powerful, swank old men can be sattractive. I have talked to may women who say that they would glady accept Sean Connery’s saggy ole’ wrinkled nuts into their beds.

Blantant locker room nudity is then most likely a factor of obesity not age.

Hey BedZ I can’t help but think about naked old men! The image burns it’s way into my brain and i have nightmares about being in a room full of fat naked men. Maybe I’m just in denial…

Yes it’s true some young fat guys do the same but generally I think its fair to say this is prevalently an old man thing. Curiously though I was talking to a girl friend and she says that while most women don’t walk around in the nude whilst in the changing rooms, lesbians do (she said she it was well know that they were lesbians BTW).

“So anyone got any alternative ideas as to why they do it?”

yes. because they are disgusting, gay. old, fucks!

You all missed the obvious answer. The towels don’t fit around their waists. It’s that simple.

Uhh buy a bigger towel then!
Sorry ain’t buying that one, one of my towels goes twice round my waist at 34" so you’re telling me these guys have close to 68"?

LOL, fucking great…made my day creed. Taken out of context but funny as shit.

I think that fat guys, old and young alike, might just use the time they’re in the locker room to feel free. They are in the company of other lardos and feel free to get naked. It’s like a fat naked guy support group for them. It’s a time when the can shed their oppressive clothes and forget about the massive rolls of fat covering their bodies and strut their naked bodies around the locker room without worrying about women eyeing their hairy giggly rolls of disgust.

I almost spit out my coffee laughing at creed’s response to BEdZ. “I can’t help but thinking about naked old men!” Funny shit.

Gentlemen, we may not join the ranks of the fat and naked but we will all join the ranks of the old someday. With age, I think, comes a healthy disregard for the opinion of the young.

I have the privledge of sharing a beer with a couple of old salts at the local VFW now and then. Believe me they couldn’t give a flying F about what people think about them in most cases. Kind of like T men.

I have to agree with Hedo on this. Just think, does the old guy with the towel on his shoulder, balls hanging to his knees like a hackey sack on a bungee cord, really care what people are going to think. If it remotely crossed his mind, he’d probably cover up.

Guys, this problem crosses the gender lines!! When I am getting changed in the locker room I keep myself covered, but for some god forsaken reason the fattest nastiest women walk around with all their goodies exposed. The problem is you can’t even tell where one layer ends and the next begins, or distinguish between specific body parts. I don’t think they have any real reason for it, and certainly nothing scientific behind this behavior. I think it’s pretty obvious that they really just don’t care. After all it’s not like they woke up one morning looking like that. Oh no, they allowed themselves to get that way over time.

Your assumuption is based not only upon these men being jaded regarding what is disgusting, but also being aware that they are in fact disgusting.

I think your theory falls apart on the latter end. I honestly do not think that most fat people, of any age, think they are disgusting. There is a lot of denial going.

I think most think that they look just a little bit out of shape. but over all not to bad. That’s one reason why 67% of the population in the USA can continue to remain overweight. It has to do with denial!

Something like this floats through their brain: "Oh I’m a little heavey here or there, but over all not to bad for my age (or gender, or compared to a friend of theirs, on and on).

If they actually saw themselves for what they were I am not so sure they would be parading around naked. However, I will give some credence to hedo’s theory. I don’t think older people care as much about what anyone thinks.

Anyway, what do you think about my “denial theory”?

I can’t wait till my balls hang to my knees!

Hey Bruce, I tied mine to my dick so I’ll get a few extra inches over the years.

anybody even think for a moment that those gym towels are way too small to cover a fat ass?

and that lesbian remark is BS…i go to a really swanky gym and most of the woman walk around naked. but they have good bodies.

you guys must be going to real shitholes if you can’t even use your gyms locker room.

Hedo, I would agree with that as much as I don’t give a flippance what any bicept curling, tricept kick back pump chump thinks I’m doing when I clean and jerk but it’s just weird. I don’t really even walk around naked at home. Not because I’m prude or anything, it’s just that my enormous testicles bounce a lot and I need clothing to brace my poor boys from the shock of the movement.

Also, I just don’t get it. Why the hell would anyone feel the need to walk around in the locker room naked. On the occasions that I have been forced to shower or change in the locker room, I take care of my business and with as little nakedness as possible (WALNAP). All male interactions should be done WALNAP. I can not fathom any reason for any male interactions not to be done WALNAP.

Actually have to admit that your theory is makes sense (damn you!). I guess if you really did think you looked that bad you’d do something about it. (And def the older you get the less you care about other peoples opinion). I think Oprah and that little gay dwarf with the dodgy perm and spandex fetish have a lot to answer for!

Another compelling reason for communal changing rooms. What gym do you go to? Can I come too? We don’t get towels in my gym, it’s bring you’re own. The lesbian theory could be a bit tenuous but I think it stills holds water in this case as these particular women are very masculine and confident in themselves. Maybe British women aren’t as comfortable with their bodies as American women? BTW I like american ladies. PM me if you like :wink: