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The Myth Is Back !

Just when you thought the myth was dying it rears its ugly head once more. Mike Meija’s article “Muscle Made To Order” reminds me of HMB. In the lab(or mind)it looks good,but in the real world its total crap!!! I need to fill the gap between my bicep and forearm(just like Frank Zane wanted to do).Could someone please give me an exercise that hits my lower bicep WITHOUT hitting the upper? Or maybe a bicep lengthening exercise? YEAH RIGHT! Frank Zane couldn’t fill the gap,I can’t either—IT’S GENETIC!!! Once again-You can make your muscles bigger, smaller, and lose the fat that’s covering them…THAT’S IT! Look at the pro’s(the proof is right in front of us)At the beginning of their careers, compared to 10-20 years later. The muscles are BIGGER, but the shape IS THE SAME!! However,you CAN shape your body or a bodypart comprised of several muscles.
P.S.-maybe synthol will change the shape,but then who would be stupid enough to try this “stuff”

By targeting specific fibres of a muscle, you can make certain sections larger, which gives the illusion of the shape being changed. Biceps is a difficult one because its very difficult to isolate certain parts.

About the supplement part I’ll have to agree with you…even thought there are some supplements that do have a noticeable effect (ephedrine, some pro-hormones) none come close to steroids for packing on muscle, and if they did, they’d be illegal, simple as that. That’s why the only thing I pay attention to for the most part is my macronutrient intake, and MRP’s help tremendously in that respect.

What Mejia was describing was the Effect of shaping a muscle… not actually shaping a particular one… Take for example the “biceps”
To baseically everyone that doesnt read this mag, the “biceps” is the ‘top’ half of your upper arm… But from a scientific standpoint we know that directly under your biceps lie several brachiallis and what not… thus by over working the brachiallis (or whatever they are called) in the lower region of your upper arm, (ie preacher curl) you are in effect training your "lower “bicep”. With more emphasis down there, and less elsewhere, your “lower bicep” may grow slightly, changing the proportions of your arm, and hence you can shape you “biceps”

Come On!!! Change the shape of your bicep??? PROVE IT!!! Show me ONE picture of someone who has changed the shape of their bi’s. I can show you pictures of many BB’ers throughout their careers who couldn’t change the shape(everyone to be exact). Preacher curls DO NOT LENGTHEN THE BICEP!! To work the bicep you line up the insertion with the origin & contract.Different angles are great for TURNING ON DIFFERENT MOTOR UNITS,and mostly for AVOIDING OVERUSE INJURIES!! Let’s make this easy-- if it is possible to change the shape(and I think this would be awsome,just not possible) SHOW ME!! Frank Zane would like to see where he screwed up also.