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The Muslim Holocaust


By Jack Balkwill
Online Journal Contributing Writer

American mass media have covered up the most important fact in the ongoing wars -- the number of people slaughtered. From the initial invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq major media have served as cheerleaders for the bloodshed, spreading the lies that led us to war.

As an old combat vet still shocked by what I saw 45 years ago in Vietnam, where we slaughtered more millions in war based on lies, I decided to look into what is happening in the current wars, discovering that as many as 7 million innocents may have been slaughtered in Afghanistan and Iraq.

I first looked for government or mass media reports for this article, but found little help from them, concluding they are not at all interested in the victims of war.

The charge of a cover up by mass media seems obvious, as it is unconscionable that major media, a multi-billion dollar industry, could not find the numbers. It seems obvious as well that such numbers would shock the public and turn them against the wars, perhaps the reason for the silence of mass media in contributing to their avid war support by adhering to the words of General Tommy Franks that "We don't do body counts."

As far as the people of Iraq are concerned, the Iraq war is now more than 20 years old. It began in 1990 with deadly economic sanctions imposed on Iraq, followed by a 1991 attack by President George HW Bush against Iraqi forces, continuing with sanctions after the hot war ended, more hot war with President Clinton's Operation Desert Fox, and continued sanctions until lifted in 2003 with the Iraq invasion, while the occupation still crawls forward.

In 2001, Iraqi Cultural Minister Hamid Yusuf Hammadi, speaking at a conference against the UN embargo, estimated that 1.7 million Iraqis died as a result of the sanctions and other violence directed against Iraq by the USA up to that time under presidents GHW Bush and Clinton.

Before that, in 1996, Former US Attorney General Ramsey Clark estimated that 1.5 million Iraqis died as a result of the sanctions, bringing charges against the USA and others for genocide.

But all of that suffering was before Shock and Awe.

In 2007, Opinion Research Business of London estimated the number of Iraqis killed in the 2003 invasion of that country and following war up to that time to be 1.2 million, based on face to face interviews with 1,720 adults aged 18+ throughout Iraq (1,499 agreed to answer the question on household deaths).

Taking these numbers from the invasions, sanctions and occupation of Iraq alone, we are already over 2.5 million dead.

And then there is the Afghanistan affair.

In 2001, President George W Bush authorized an invasion of Afghanistan, where, we were told at the time, 7 million people were being fed by NGO's because they were on the verge of starvation, meaning they would die in a short time without emergency food.

Noam Chomsky reported in 2002 on the time of the invasion, "A spokesman for the UN High Commissioner for Refugees warned that â??We are facing a humanitarian crisis of epic proportions in Afghanistan with 7.5 million short of food and at risk of starvation,' while aid agencies leveled â??scathing' condemnations of U.S. air drops that are barely concealed â??propaganda tools' and may cause more harm than benefit, they warned."

No one has counted how many Afghans starved to death as a result of the invasion, as NGOs who had been feeding people on the verge of starvation had to withdraw because of the bombing. Those starving people were among the poorest on earth, probably lacking birth and death certificates, so we may never know what happened to them.

Australian scientist Gideon Polya did a study of the effect of war on the Afghanistan population and concluded that as a result of the invasion and occupation up to 2009,"This carnage involving 4.5 million post-invasion violent and non-violent excess Afghan deaths constitutes an Afghan Holocaust and an Afghan Genocide as defined by Article 2 of the UN Genocide Convention."

So if this estimate is correct, there are 4.5 million dead in Afghanistan as a result of the invasion and occupation. Combined with the 2.5 million who died from 20 years of war and sanctions in Iraq, we arrive at the rough figure of 7 million dead.

But if 7 million people died, why is it that few seem aware of these numbers? After all, anyone you ask on the street can tell you 6 million Jews died in the Holocaust. Why aren't 7 million Muslims important enough to notice?

The owners, board members and advertisers of our mass media are interlocked in "defense" contracting investments, and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are the most lucrative in history, with more contractors in both Iraq and Afghanistan than there are troops.

Our politicians own "defense" investments as well, and their political campaigns depend on contributions from "defense" industries, at great expense to taxpayers. Many Members of Congress legally vote for "defense" projects which personally enrich them because of their investments.

Even though the majority of the public oppose the wars and want our troops to come home, it is imperative to the corporate media and corporate government, and those above them (the ruling Forces of Greed) that as much support as possible be maintained to keep the wars going.

If the public were informed that as many as 7 million people might have been slaughtered, more war supporters might fall off the bandwagon, making it harder to keep the bloodshed flowing for the billions in profit.

It would appear that violence has become the primary diplomatic tool of our government. Gandhi said "I object to violence because when it appears to do good, the good is only temporary; the evil it does is permanent."

Our government and mass media are still covering up the evil, but it may be permanent for seven million.


this article does not differenciate between those killed by US troops or those killed by the religious civil war in Iraq. It just says the US killed everybody when in reality muslim suicide bombers targeting civilians took a huge toll on the Iraq war bodycount.

How many Christians were slaughtered in the Middle East and Africa in the last 30 years? The author should do a follow up on the Christian Holocaust, or maybe this isn't in his political agenda.

Plus the article does not list how many were killed in the Russian war in Afghanistan, the following period of civil war and brutality under the Taliban.

Hell, you could even add the muslims killed in the Bulkans if you were so politically inclined. I guess not.

How about also listing muslim on muslim violence in Algeria in the 1990's, and in Pakistan in the 00's?

So, if there is indeed a Muslim Holocaust going on, when is the start date? Which countries do we include? Only the ones the US is involved in? Because if it is a world wide Holocaust, a lot more countries and even the Muslims themselves have a whole lot of blood on their hands.


good input on this forum. It needs to be heard, but I guess the mayority of reactionarys on this forum will ignor it or argue against it. The point is that to invade a country will lead to deaths and inhumane conditions for the civilian population. I wish politicians tought of that before they sent men with arms to foreign countries.

to Gkhan:

I guess the fact of the matter is this: the western invasion of iraq is the the catalyst for the secterian bloodshead we have seen the last years. Saddam was a bitch, but his secular authoritarian regime did keep the secterian violence at a minimum. With the current power vaacum this conflicts spreads like cancer. The same thing happened after Tito in Jugoslavia.
Actually this is a great proof that the west should be carefull in the current Libya situation. ( I support the rebels in Libya, but I think it is important to treat that situation with the atmost respect ).



Does not seem to differentiate between deaths of fighters and civilians. Accidental death vs. murder. The Nazi holocaust was the systematic slaughter of civilians, not the by product of war.

Deaths as the result of sanctions seems to me to be an especially weak argument.

Do I really need to write that I do not intend to trivialize these deaths?

I would also like to see the methodology for collecting those numbers.
The Nazi's kept meticulous records. That 6 million is not really in doubt. Something like 10 or 12 million not excluding other targeted groups?


The way a lot of people around these forums talk I'm surprised we haven't already locked up the Muslims in camps... Everybody seems to be watching their back for one with a bomb strapped to his chest... I hate the stench of fear and passive behavior...

Anyway, the article was written from an interesting perspective on our modern involvement in the middle east.


More were displaced than murdered though, as seen in Egypt with the Copts, that unfortunately happens quite a bit too


The muslims really do kill each other, don't they?


Ja, let me know when they caught up to the Christians.


These ridiculous middle eastern religions have been a curse on humanity.

Give me Odin.


There is one thing to be said for him, there was none of this gay nonsense of dropping bombs on people or blowing yourself up.

Oh no, you took your horse and your blade and plundered and pillaged to your hearts delight.

Not exactly a peacenik, but not a hypocrite either, plus he had style and insisted on some decorum when it came to eviscerating people, or else he did not want you in his drinking hall.


i'd say centuries ago.


Ah, nonsense, they might not even have gotten the explicitly religious wars of the 16 century in, they can hardly have caught up to WWI and WWII.



Oh I thought you meant Muslims killin' Christians for purely religious reasons.


But I love how revisionists now paint the Muslims as somehow noble, when in fact they have been at war with members of Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, and any other religion since their conception.


That article is a hysterical load of bullshit based upon wild estimates. Here's something to compare those number to. Germany lost 5 million dead in ww2. There were bodies everywhere. We carpet bombed Germany for years and their army was in massive battles involving over a million men to kill that many. Yet somehow we have killed one and a half times as many people in Afghanistan and Iraq, with all the bodies neatly disposed of. This ridiculous article is not worth debating.


This guy is a hack job...He quoted Noam Chomski for facts? That right their should tell you something. That and the fact that this nimrod only writes for the very far off-the-deep-end left, already makes it suspect.

Civilian casualties are bad, but there is no reason to badly exaggerate the claims, 7 million from sanctions and war? My ass. Placing the blame on the U.S. for the things that Saddam did is pretty ridiculous and low. Whether you agree with the war or not, to vindicate Saddam for the mass murders he inflicted on his own people and to blame the U.S. for it is garbage. But as long as some one writes it someone will believe it.

So what are the numbers?
Iraq: estimated between 100,091 and 109,359 including sectarian violence as well coalition efforts.
Can't seem to find a total for Afghanistan, but here's a snippet of recent deaths which have been higher than in past.

Bottom line, if something sounds fantastical, it probably is.


Don't worry, nobody, and I mean nobody will ever catch up to the body count you little atheists put forth in the 20th century. That's a record that will never be broken....


For the sake of brevity, I am only addressing the US invasion and occupation of Afghanistan

Most of that article makes almost no sense. How did the author estimate how many people were indirectly killed by the war? I went on to Gideon Polya's (The scientist the author mentions as having conducted the avoidable mortality research) blog to find out. Definition:

"Avoidable mortality (excess mortality) is the difference between the ACTUAL deaths in a country over a given period and the deaths EXPECTED for a peaceful, decently-run country with the same demographics. Avoidable mortality provides the bottom-line measure of the consequences of human actions and the success or otherwise of societal, regional and global policies." (Poyla)

It seems this data, which added 4.5 million deaths during the invasion and occupation and 1.5 million deaths prior to the occupation of Afghanistan alone, only takes into account deaths above what a developed nation that is not at war or governed by religious extremists would have for a "natural" death count (sickness and age I would imagine, though I am not a population scientist). Even assuming these statistics are accurate (I guess that they are a mite high, with even the Wikileaks release of 100,000 total violent casualties because of the war and occupation seeming more accurate), this is a simple comparison implying correlation, but not causation. How many people died because of the Taliban regime rather than the US occupation or US sanctions on Afghanistan?

I would like to see a comparison of "avoidable mortality" done before and after the US invasion and occupation, adjusted for population growth and refugees of the war. I heavily doubt that there were more "avoidable" deaths before the invasion than after it.

Also, I tend to dislike any article that includes "The ruling Forces of Greed" with capitalization.

Link to the Poyla blogs (I am in class ATM and cannot dig through them forever)

Edit- I looked up Afghanistan's population and compared it to the estimated death count. Afghanistan has 29,835,392 people according to the CIA Factbook. That 7 million people estimated to be killed by the US in Afghanistan amount to 23% of the country's total population. This is utter horseshit. As Sifu said, where are the bodies? You cannot realistically imply that the US has wiped out 1/4 of Afghanistan's population, and still leave it with a population growth rate of 2.3%. There would be heaping piles of corpses everywhere; the country would have a population decline!

Polya Blogs

CIA Factbook for Afghanistan


Murder is murder and to justify it as "a matter of national security" is as equally evil as when it is committed in the name of Jesus or Allah.



Americans love to scream that two thousand people died on 9/11. But point out that 100,000 people died as a result of America's military actions, and all you'll hear are justifications.

Before any idiots pipe up, no, its not a matter of having the same visceral sensation of a neighbor dying and a person halfway around the world. It's a matter of understanding that your particular sensation has nothing to do with the value of human life.