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The Murder of JFK


A Wink and a Smile

"We pulled it off! See, it wasn't that hard, was it?"



Whats this, the antisemittic version of the jfk murder??

HH this time you have outdone yourself. congrats!


You PWI guys are weird...


Was that his research thesis at the University of Phoenix or Devry?


Thank you! Did you see the Zapruder frames where the bullet and some bone frags exit JFK's head from the top, as if Jackie shot him under the chin? I found the frames with the smoke from weapons firing in the car intrigueing.


Holy fuck that's some deep shit. Makes you think...


Yeah that's quite the site. It seems that they also have a section where they disprove that we actually landed on the moon. I was looking for the section about how Elvis was still alive, and that the government has been in contact with aliens from another galaxy but I just didn't have the time.

Nice work HH you've outdone yourself this time.


Yep. Here's the money stuff, with detailed frame-by-frame analysis at the link:
"Neither John nor Jackie Kennedy are smoking a cigarette. The smoke has been caused by some explosive reaction, such as the detonation of a firearm cartridge. Such smoke remains where the gun is; it does not travel with the bullet. The fact that this smoke appears in the sequence at the same time as the fatal injury, and that it emanates from the left-hand-side of JFK's head, where Jackie Kennedy has positioned herself, means that President Kennedy was killed by his wife.

I am not the first to reach this conclusion. This view is shared by someone calling themselves 'Nohup' who, in a public forum on 3rd April 2008, wrote "After studying the Zapruder film for nearly 20 years, I've come to the conclusion that the only person verified to have the access and angle to have delivered the fatal gunshot to JFK was Jackie Kennedy. The telltale sign is right before his head explodes, where she moves forward with something in her hand."


nevermind... lol


holy shit


HUH!? This is new to me. I thought this forum would be discussing the recent death bed confessions of E. Howard Hunt. There are some interesting correlations there, none of which suggest Jackie had anything to do with it.


oh those zionist jews and their crazy schemes.


To the mods: if there is any thread on here that is more deserving of removal than this one, I haven't seen it.


As long as HH doesn't post a parody thread, he should be good. The mods hate those threads.