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The Muppet Movie


After reading a couple posts in the Thanksgiving thread, figured I'd give this film its' own.

Is anyone else excited about this movie? Anyone have kids that are jumping out of their skin to see it?

And be honest, are there any folks in their adulthood who silently giggle every time one of the commercials comes on? I am a member of a household which has been excited about this movie since it was announced. It's finally here and I think between those closest to me as well as surrounding friends, my whole circle might implode the moment they all sit down in the theater to see it.

This thing has been marketed to death, which had me suspicious, like maybe it's a big turd that's going to fall flat. But I have a feeling that with Jason Segel and Amy Adams as the humans and a pretty safe premise this thing cannot fail.

Rottentomatoes is giving it the coveted 100% out of an N of 30 reviews. Not too shabby.

Segel wrote a tweet while on the promotion circuit, stating:

"Last week in Mexico City, a 40 yr old Interviewer started weeping, mumbling in Spanish and hugging Kermit. Everyone but me felt super weird..."

That whole universe cuts through a bunch of bullshit and brings a boatload of happy to a lot of people. I hope this movie re-enforces that concept.


So excited!


So, to re-enforce whats' going on in my house.

This hangs in the boys bedroom.


Muppets rock, i'll be sure to watch it on the premiere.

Kermit the Frog is my hero.


The boy and his Kermit Hoodie, which has to be wrestled and bribed off of him.


Oh you thought I was kiddin?

The better halfs' new adidas. Mad committment since she's truly devoted to Chucks.


Going opening day, I still have a Kermit the Frog stuffed doll my dad bought for me(by working overtime in a machine shop) for my birthday when I was like 6; I'm 35 now. I intend on taking my nephew on THanksgiving


Muppets on Raw Hysterical when Sheamus and Beaker meet they're cousins




Plan to see it big screen with my kids. Grew up loving the muppet show myself. And I fell in love with Amy Adams when she did Enchanted, so I figure to enjoy this movie even more than I think my kids will.


Don't hate it's ok someday you'll find the rainbow connection


Unfortunately I doubt this will be be any good as there hasn't really been a good Muppets Movie since Treasure Island(and that was still a pretty poor showing). I freaking love the Muppets though(as my avi would tell you). Animal is just the MAN!

I really love Christmas Carol, really doubt they'll be able to top that. Certainly going to see it though and I'm actually looking forward to it even though I'm kinda expecting to be disappointed.


give it up for ANIMAL ! It is not easy being green (in SO many ways) ! Yeah it's time to meet the muppetts, its time to light the lights : )


So, you're conflicted then.

Got it.


Yup, sounds about right


I don't know much about this, other than Jason Segel is a hardcore muppethead and it's going to be different from all of the previous Muppet movies.


I'm actually pretty excited to see this. I grew up with the Muppets (my folks would watch the old TV show with me when I was a youngin'). The first few movies were just amazing films. Once Disney bought the properties though (and Henson died), they seemed to lose some of their sparkle... this film though seems to have that certain quality that the originals shared.

I recently rewatched the DVDs of the 1st season of the old tv show, and despite the out of dateness of some of the celebrities of the time, they're still highly entertaining. Luckily my girl puts up with my unique tastes in film and comic books (and toys, and foods and friends and... -lol)



As I mentioned in the Thanksgiving thread, I'm looking to take the kids and wife to the kino here in Germany. Don't even care that I speak very little of the language. No kid should ever go without knowing The Muppets. It's sad they don't have the Muppet Babies cartoon on anymore.


Kids? My reaction to those words can be best represented at 1:11 of this video.


Definitely gonna take my daughter, I loved and still love the muppets, re-watched muppets in space over the weekend, certainly not one of the better ones but still its the muppets. Something both adults and children could enjoy for the same reasons.