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The "MSM" and the Mueller Report

While I’m sure that “FOX” is going ape-shit crazy, with Hannity and Carlson having orgasms over the Mueller Report Summary…IMO, the “MSM” seems to be reporting things pretty straight-forward (keep in mind that I neither read, nor listen to all media).

Example (From “The New York Times”):

"The notion that the system came after Mr. Trump in the form of Mr. Mueller and failed to take him down will fit neatly into the president’s narrative of grievance and victimization, energizing his self-portrayal as a threat to the existing order".

For Mr. Trump, that is as good a day as they come.

Did all of these “Fake News” Outlets have no choice but to report it straight?

Are they all “Fake News” …until they say something that Trump Likes? (Seems like Trump is now “praising” Mueller and his Team…after vilifying and disparaging them and their motives for 2 years; without let-up…)

Oh well…so is Politics.


By the way…

I’m not out to change anybody’s mind about how they view different Media sources.

I’m just looking for opinions. We tend to have pretty good discussions here.

Apologies due from the media?


Trump has had his best news day ever. That’s what I think. The looming shadow from a special counsel is gone.

I’d hate to beclown myself with predictions, but he just became the bookie favourite for re-election.


I suspected some embarrassing stuff from Mueller, this is way less damaging than I thought it’d be.

Many people with egg on their face today, the POTUS ain’t one of them.

(Had to share this gif, because I’ve been laughing at it for 10 minutes or more.)

I don’t think apologies will be enough for when Sean Hannity has a better grasp on reality than the paper of record op-Ed page.

Some commentators will be irreparably harmed by this being a nothingburger.

Politico focusing on Trump being mean to them is probably strong indicia that a lot of publications feel pretty fucking stupid today.

If the FBI was investigating you for something you knew you didn’t do, I bet you’d feel like it was a witch hunt. If they came to the conclusion that you didn’t do it, you’d probably change your mind quickly.

I’d say the biggest irony of this whole thing is that Trump comes away looking like the sane one.

With the context of the beghazi investigation taking longer, being more expensive, and providing even less results, you don’t actually believe this right?

Even post stormy/Cohen/manafort?

No egg? Wooooooot?

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Fair point, however, POTUS must be relishing today.

Avenatti is being indicted today. I somewhat suspect that Trump found a magic lamp this week.


I speak stridently, but not always with precision.

Absolutely agreed. Definitely a win of a day for him.

I think the damage has already been done with that one. I’m just happy the stormy thing finally dies.

Even I can only beat a dead horse so many times. I mean not like Trump can, but still.

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This…and the Kavanaugh hearing do not look good…at all…for the DEMS.

I would tell the DEMS…

“Chill…the man will eventually hang himself, no doubt…”

Will they listen? It’s Doubtful…

It’s terrible advice lol. America showed through Benghazi it doesn’t really give 2 shits about integrity.

All they want is a smear campaign. And the average American won’t be smart enough to tell the difference.

As I said in another thread…

Trump is turning out to be the luckiest man to ever hold the Office…

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Everyone knew he was a womanizing scumbag. We stopped caring so much with the continued lionization of Bill Clinton.

Everyone was waiting on indictments for something amounting to collusion

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Is there a German composite word for overdosing on schadenfreude?

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Trump is everything he appears to be. Never understood why the "MSM’ always attributed these nefarious, Karla-like (George Smiley reference) machinations to his behaviors.

Trump doesn’t play 4D chess imo, it’s the opposite. He is a hammer, and people of this era are nails.


If you think Trump can beat a dead horse well you should watch him beat a dead McCain.


It was mostly meant as a horse face stormy joke, but I almost like yours better.

That’s good…

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