The MRP Taste Thread

OK, most of us who have tried Advanced Protein/Grow will agree the dutch chocolate is the best. The only problem is (as we all know) variety is badly needed and sometimes we are too lazy and in a hurry to play smoothie bar for variety. I’d be curious to see what everybody’s top 4 favorites are and what they rate them in regards to taste (1-10):
My Top 4: Biotest Dutch Choc 8
Isopure pre-bottled drinks (fruit punch/berry something) 8
EAS Choc Fudge Myoplex low-carb pre-made versions 7
World Wide Nutrition pre-made Pure Protein/choc 7

My first favorite has to be all the flavors in Myoplex Tropical Fruit Variety pack(except peaches and cream.) The Myoplex Chocolate Mint is also real good. Labrada Chocolate Peanut Butter really sucks. Even with only 12 oz water, its still watery and has that mediciney taste that the old mrp’s used to have.

1)Chocolate AP with natural peanut butter, flax oil and ice. 2)Vanilla AP with oatmeal and banana. 3)Strawberry Myoplex 4)Chocolate Cytosport Musclemilk

Jason, your Advanced Protein Vanilla + oatmeal / bannana sounds interesting…(and maybe easy)… How & in what quanities do you blend it?

All Cytosport MuscleMilk flavors. They have the best taste bar none. Chocolate AP is probably my second favorite in terms of taste.

I don’t bother with them, but Low Carb
Solutions Vanilla gave me vanilla smelling
pee once. Yum. I just toss some protein
powder (from protein factory) in a bottle,
add water, shake hard.

Microwave 1/2 cup oats in a cup of water for 2-3 minutes. Let it cool for a while and then dump it into the blender. It should still be slightly hot, but easy to eat. Add in 1 banana, 1 cup milk and 1 scoop vanilla AP. Mix and drink. I had one last night as my second post exercise meal and hour after Surge. I drank it warm, but you could drink it hot, cold or whatever. It is very good and fits well as a post-Surge, 1 hour post-workout drink.

A tie between Biotest’s AP with cottage cheese blended in & MuscleLink’s MuscleMeals &/or Profusion!!! Met-Rx’s Choc Peanut Butter MRP’s are good too. And I know it’s a post work out drink, but I always look forward to my Surge after working out, taste is unbelievable!!

while on mag-10, my post workout drink consisted of 4 scoops of vanilla whey by optimum nutrition, and 2 scoops of orange ultra fuel by twin lab. 90g. protein, 50 g. carbs, and it tasted awesome, like those popsicles you used to get when you where a kid… ya know, orange outside with vanilla ice cream… and i could just leave it dry in a jug, mix it up at the gym with water and it mixed really easy.

I know this is a biotest affiliated site, but you guys should try some other stuff.ap flavors are ok, but isopure,myoplex, and some others are just as good.

Back when I was using EAS regularly, my favorite was a scoop of Orange Phosphagen HP and a Vanilla Myoplex. I called it my orange creamsicle - still gets my tastebuds watering.
Now my favorite has to be my bedtime concoction: 1 scoop of chocolate Advanced Protein, 1 scoop of vanilla VP2 by AST, 1 large scoop of cottage cheese, 1 tbsp of natural peanut butter, 1 tbsp of flax oil, and 1 tsp of psyllium fiber, all mixed with non-fat milk. IT ROCKS! I look forward to it every night.

Thanks for the info Jason - I’m getting ready to bulk so I’ll be saying goodbye to low carbs for a while (thankgod)… The Oatmeal + AP should be a nice breakfast… Also, clint, I agree - as far as pure tase on any protein drink, nothing beats Surge - it’s unbelievable.

Chocolate MESO-Tech and Grow are by far the two best.

i like the lean body variety pack, except for banana, same goes for myoplex variety pack.

1)Peaches and Cream Myoplex 2)Choc Myoplex 3)All MuscleMilk Flavors(would be first but I only use it for mass phases due to high calories)4) Choc AP (favorite protein dont really consider it an MRP)

Protein Flavor Experiment update: IsoPure Tropical Variety pack - ok, the bannana actually tastes good but the rest, no matter what the flavor says, taste like weak skim milk. Combining Oatmeal with AP - ran out of Grow recently so had to use some Optimum Nutrition Pro Complex chocolate. Optimum is “ok” chocalate but looking forward to trying this again when my next order of AP comes in.

EAS pre-made fudge drinks aren't bad either but like any pre-made drinks they become cost prohibitive real quick.

I second the cytosport muscle milk flavors. They are definitely the best as far as taste goes. They also have very good quality protein in them.

A tie between Surge and my wife.