the mrp diet / calcium / Grow!

I was thinking of starting an mrp diet to gain weight, or at least eating more mrps for added calories to gain weight. For my mrp, I decided to use Grow, since it tastes so good. Anyways, I looked at the nutrition information for classic Grow! and it says a serving contains 600 mg of Calcium.

This concerns me because if I was going to eat say, 3 or 4 a day, then I would be getting waaaayyyy above my body’s threshold for calcium, right? Does above 1500 mg of calcium each day due anything to your body. The fda rda (recommended daily allowance) is about 1500. I would be getting 1800 or 2400 mg each day, not counting any other foods I eat.

Can anyone testify whether excess calcium has adverse effects, or recommned another good mrp? (protein and carbs).


As a matter of fact, if I remember correctly, calcium overdoses have been linked to hair loss, dementia and homosexual tendencies…I’d be careful!

No just f*@#in’ around…I wouldn’t worry about it.