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The Movie/GIF/Meme Game


" You know what she did? Your cunting daughter!"




"What do ya want Mary? What do ya want? Do you want the moon? "




Yeah but if you see a line like that it’s like a 90 percent probability it’s from an Arnold movie lol. I’m like pretty sure that all his movies have normal dialogue when the script is written. When the studio casts Arnold, they throw the writers in a room and make them come up with all these one-liners just for him.

Seriously, does anyone actually believe the original script for End of Days had the character saying this to the fucking DEVIL?


“And if I was a half as ugly as you , Sergeant Major, I’d be a poster boy for a prophylactic” .


Damn it! i know this one, but just won’t come to me. Grrrr!


Another from that movie " all do respect sir… But your starting to bore the hell out of me"


I want to say Clint Eastwood?




Yeah that whole thing pushes how much stupid one can take in a movie. Even Arnold couldn’t make the line bare able ! :-1:


Heartbreak ??? Hill no that don’t sound right.


Getting warmer


Heartbreak Ridge! Finally!


image https://media.giphy.com/media/FmWGUkS9hGJOg/giphy.gif

“Alright alright alright”

Good to see you playing too =)


Eh… lucky number eleven.



" I mean, boning, the wild mamba, the hunka chunka"




“You magnificent bastard ! i read your book!”


“Last wish pls pls pls”
“Last wish? I wish you had more time”