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The Mourning of 2003


We are here to mourn our dearly departed...


Motherfucker, we ain't ALL dead.

Only the weak ones died.




there can be only one, hopefully bare chested wearing a kilt.


Fuck that.


There are plenty of 2003 members still here...they just have the unique ability to keep their mouths shut for longer than 30 seconds.


Cry me a river...

...Here: http://tnation.tmuscle.com/free_online_forum/music_movies_girls_life/longtime_membersgone


Not dead. just lurking.


Whew...I had to check my own profile, thought I was dead and had no idea.


I'm flattered, we got our own thread.



not dead, working my ass off raising two kids.


I feel like the middle child, forgotten between the favorite and more responsible older kid and the problematic young one.


Not dead, just not making silly ass threads!!



keep this crazy posting frequency up and you'll hit 20 before year-end!


Pffft, screw that, I may've registered in 04, but I've been reading since 03


I know, i'm gonna have to pull back again. I don't want to lose my 'lurk' status and actually become a constant poster. People might get the wrong idea about me.


Like many other fucking awesome things in history, 03 is back from the dead:

-Optimus Prime
-the cat from pet cemetary
-Mickey Rourke's career
-this thread? (i know, i'm pushing it with this one)
-Spinal Tap


I'm still here.


^ word. and oh yeah fuck you!


When did I register? '06 eh? cool.