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The Most Wonderful Time of the Year...

It’s playoff time in the NHL!!!

Even after a brutal showing in the regular season by my Pens (we even lost the lottery!), it’s time to sit back and enjoy some playoff hockey.

There should be plenty of great matchups. Personally, I’m pulling for the 'Nucks, but really, I’m pulling for anybody plyaing the Avs :wink:

Anybody have any predictions or any games they’re looking forward to? I’m calling Dallas vs Philly, with Dallas in 6.

Boy, I would have hoped there would be more replies to this topic. I’m with ya, man!!

Well, I am guessing you are a fellow Canadian indestructible. Which begs the question…what the fuck are you smoking, cheering for the pens? I have been a loyal Ottawa fan since they came into the league and as someone who endured the horrible starting seasons it is especially sweet watching them dominate this year. My predictions is Ottawa breaks the playoff curse this year, and we’ll see an Ottawa detroit final, with Ottawa wining it in 7, after injuring Hull, Yzerman, Federov, Joseph and anyone else European on the team in game 4. Just watch, it’ll happen.
:slight_smile: Groove

Sorry bro, Wings are gonna win again.


I am not from Canada; I’m from Pittsburgh. Contrary to what you may have been lead to believe this season, they do have hockey there. But looking forward to next season (and especially if Mario retires), I’ll probably have to start smoking something to continue cheering the hapless Pens.

Even a few years ago, I thought the Sens were a great team, but I never thought they’d go far in the playoffs because they always seemed to lack that veteran experience (i.e., Kirk Muller, Claude Lemieux). This year, however, I’ll think they’ll go pretty deep. I’m a big fan of Marty Havlat, so it’ll definitely be nice to watch him play.

I root for the 'Nucks because I’ve always been a Naslund fan (he was a former Pen, you know). I wouldn’t consider myself a bandwagon 'Nuck fan, but if I am, I’m definitely sitting towards the front :wink: I’ve liked them for years (even before Naslund joined them).

And what’s with all the bitterness against European players? Are you Don Cherry or something? :wink:

I can reply. Hockey season is the worst thirteen months of the year. It lasts forever and its boring as hell. I wish they would have a special sportscenter for hockey so i could turn it and know when it was going off.

I have to agree with Steven. Wings all the way!

Too many teams make the playoffs, doesn’t everyone think so?

Living in Philly, of course it’s gonna be Flyers vs., hmmm, let’s say Flyers-Avs, Flyers in 6.

Damn straight!! PLAYOFFS!!! Avalanche all the way!!! Can you say the NUCKS chocked a 13 point lead?! Yuuup. 9 straight division titles for the mighty Colorado Avalanche. ROYHOOOOO!!! HEY Goldberg, go read a book. As for you DeadWings Fans - REDWINGS SUCK. From the West, I’ll say Avs and (grrrrrrrr dammit) the Wings. But you know I’m realy pulling for the DUCKS. As for the Stars, they shot their load waaay to early. From the East, gotta be the Sens - maybe the Flyers. Oh ya, and many many thanks to the Kings. You know I had to buy my friends around here a case and thank 'em for their Kings.

hahahahahha. thats what i do when the NHL comes on sportscenter.

Well, being I’m from Edmonton, I’ve gotta go with the Oil over Dallas in the first round. Sadly, this will then leave them playing Detroit in the second round, and its unlikely lightening will strike twice in the same season. But a fella can hope.

Realistically, my call for the final is Colorado vs. Ottawa. I hate Col. and Roy, but they’ve been on fire in the second half. Ottawa is picked for Canadian content, because I hate the Leafs, and because they’ve done it the right way…drafting and developing they’re own players and smart personnel moves, as opposed to buying players or ‘trading’ for expensive players from small market teams. (I’ll get off my soapbox now).

Goldberg,“that’s what I do when the NHL comes on”. Ya whatever! An I’m sure you get a hard on when NASCAR comes on. Or is it chess finals? IDIOT get off the thread. Let the ones that love Hockey talk.

Indestructible: I gotta agree with groove that it will be an Ottawa vs. wings final, but I think Detroit will pull it out. As for Philly, I can’t see them getting past the first round v. the Leafs. I actually won’t watch to much of the playoffs. As soon as the weather turns warm I lose interest. The damn season is too long and meaningless. I’m a good Canadian boy who loves hockey more than any other sport, but god I hate the NHL.

Much to karma’s dismay…Red Wings!

1 hour till game time OTTAWA VS ISLANDERS and I am more jacked up than MBE on 6 MD6 tabs and a bucket of Coke. I got my lucky jersey already and I plan on spending every night for the next month and a half in fornt of the TV watching the best game on the planet.
Time to fire it up, everyobody wants that silver cup!!
:slight_smile: Groove


IMO, it’s all up in the air. I can see Detroit, Dallas, and (unfortunately) Colorado all playing for the Cup. I think Ottawa has a decent shot, but I’ve NEVER been a fan of the Maple Griefs :wink: Although they’ve made some great additions, I think they’re still pretty overrated. I’d much rather see NJ or Ottawa make it from the East, although I think Philly has the best chance. My sleeper in the East is Washington (I’m one of the few Pens fans that still likes Jagr). But like I said, who really knows at this point? Can’t wait for the games…

Stupid habs. Tabernac. Go anyone but Toronto!


First night, B’s 1-Devils 2,Leafs 5-Flyers 3, Oilers 2-Stars 1, Islanders 3- Sens 0 . WOW! Could be a crazy cup race.

Even though I love Mario, or perhaps because of it, I hope he retires this year so as not to further sully his legacy.
I’m a San Jose fan, so these will be boring and depressing playoffs indeed. All I want to see at this point is some major upset action. I would be happy if vancouver, against all conventional wisdom, were able to go all the way. They play a more exciting brand of hockey. I will basicly be happy though so long as niether NJ nor Dallas takes it.

I have to agree that playoff Hockey is the best. I am a big NBA fan (Go Kings) who does not follow much of the NHL season but when playoff hockey is on, I will be watching it. These guys lay it on the line every night and never want to leave the ice.